Starbucks Already Previewed Its Holiday Line And It Includes 2 Shiny Cups That Should Be On Your List

Even though we’ve barely been able to break out our fall boots, it’s already time to get psyched for all the cold weather holidays coming up. But if you’re not exactly looking forward to winter, let Starbucks change your mind! The chain just quietly released images of some of its reusable cup line for the holidays and they’re a glittery dream.
Though hot drinks get all the shine over the winter, so many of us are still iced coffee devotees, even when there is snow on the ground. Luckily, Starbucks’ reusable tumblers for the holidays are the cutest cups of the bunch. First up is a swirly, sparkly cup with dashes of red, green, and pink with a pink lid and straw. Think holidays, but make it glam and all for $18.95! You can definitely use this through Valentine’s Day with no one batting an eyelash. Next up, Starbucks is staying on the shimmering train it’s been on the last few seasons with this shiny pink grid cold cup. This is truly an evergreen purchase you’ll be carrying around through next summer and beyond and it’ll run you $19.95.

If warm drinks are more your thing, you can sip on either of these portable tumblers or this iridescent rainbow mug, all of which, again, have a little nod to the glitz and glamour of the holidays but can be enjoyed way beyond the holiday season. Finally, pick up a purple water bottle that will definitely keep you hydrated all winter long.

And it’s not just cups we have to look forward to this holiday season: The brand’s Christmas Blend this year is inspired by the original 1984 recipe, which has all the cozy notes of herbs, baking spices, and a chocolate finish. This coffee will be available alongside bags of Holiday Blend and Christmas Blend Espresso Roast. I feel warmer already.
It’s not clear exactly when all of this will be hitting stores, but as Starbucks noted, as of Friday, it’s officially 90 days until Christmas, so you won’t be waiting too long!

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