Taco Bell Is Getting Rid of Even More Items


Taco Bell bills itself as a brand that believes in living más. But this year, you could strongly argue that they haven’t exemplified the live más mentality. While the Mexican fast food chain has expanded the breadth of their offerings to include chicken wings, they’ve also made some significant cuts to their menu.

Now, it seems, they’re at it again. This week, Taco Bell announced they’ve “completed” a new “streamlined menu” that’ll start rolling out on November 5. This time around, the Mexican Pizza, a notable fan favorite, is on the chopping block. While this popular culinary fusion was one of the more unique items Taco Bell had going for it, the Mexican Pizza’s removal isn’t a matter of changing tastes, but a desire to help the planet. Taco Bell’s announcement notes that the packaging for this particular menu item uses more than seven million pounds of paperboard per year in the US, so taking it away will hopefully keep some trees in the ground.

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More broadly, you can say adios to anything with shredded chicken once the menu overhaul takes effect. That means no more shredded chicken soft tacos, burritos, or quesadilla melts after November 5. However, other (non-shredded) items like the Chicken Quesadilla and Chicken Chipotle Melt (a new replacement item) are sticking around.

If you had a soft spot for Taco Bell’s pico de gallo, I regret to inform you that it’s going away as well. However, diced tomatoes are staying put, so just offer “fresco style” and get those on there instead.

For what it’s worth, Taco Bell isn’t simply taking options away and replacing them with nothing, these menu removals will make way for the aforementioned Chicken Chipotle Melt, a tropically-flavored Dragonfruit Freeze beverage. On top of that, Taco Bell will be testing out a Quesalupa in Knoxville, Tennessee later in September, as well as a “green sauce” headed to select markets on November 5.

So if the only thing that kept you coming back to Taco Bell was the delicious taste of Mexican Pizza, you’ll have to get your kicks elsewhere now. 2020 truly is a year that can’t end soon enough. 

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