The Anti-Aging Superfood That Tastes Delicious in Pasta

We’re always looking for the next best superfood or vegetable with hopes that will solve all of our problems. But what if that new magical ingredient is already hanging out in the crisper? And what if you haven’t been taking advantage of all the delicious recipes it’s used in? And what if you can actually eat it with pasta? That magical vegetable, my friends, is broccoli. Before you scrunch up your nose and click elsewhere, read on because Mom was right when she said “eat your veggies.”

Broccoli, the cruciferous vegetable kids and adults love to hate, is edible all the way from its stem end to its tight clusters of tiny buds. Broccoli is an excellent source of vitamins A and C among other elements our body needs, such as iron and calcium. The interesting bit here is that in order for our body to produce collagen (that youth-preserving protein you’ve been hearing more about recently), that makes your skin, hair, and nails look nice, it needs vitamin C. And broccoli is packed with it.

Steamed or raw broccoli is deliciously simple, of course. But you’re missing out if you’re not using up the entire head of broccoli. Not only does the veggie get you more bang for your buck, but you’re also maximizing the superfood’s anti-aging benefits by eating more of it. Think you’re not a broccoli fan? Crank up the oven and try it roasted and then turned into a pesto. (We guarantee you’ll be coming back to this pasta recipe time and again.)

First, you want to peel the broccoli stems with a vegetable peeler to remove any tough outer bits. Then thinly slice the stems and toss with the florets, some olive oil (enough so everything is nicely coated), and garlic. Let the oven do its thing for about 20 minutes until the broccoli is charred in spots. Set aside about a handful of the roasted broccoli to add some texture to your pasta, but if you want to add it all to make the pesto, that works, too!

You’re pretty much there. Now all you have to do is make a basic pesto with the broccoli (in place of the usual basil). In this Roasted Broccoli Pesto Pasta, the roasted broccoli stems and florets are pureed with almonds, cheese, lemon, arugula, oil, and reserved pasta cooking water. But to make a basic pesto all you really need is a nut and herb of choice, lemon, garlic, and oil—if that’s all you have on hand, go rogue with those ingredients.

Get this anti-inflammatory and anti-aging veggie into your diet. If it’s a hard sell, this pasta with broccoli pesto definitely won’t be. Check out more of our crowd-pleasing pastas with functional ingredients and another take on creamy broccoli pasta here.

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