The Best Valentine’s Day Gift You Missed This Year, But Need For Next Year’s Festivities

Valentine’s Day may be well behind us, but there’s one gift you’ll still want to hear about: steak roses. If you’ve never heard of a steak rose, you’re not alone because up until today, I hadn’t either. Now that I’ve been introduced, however, I honestly cannot get them out of my mind. And, I can almost bet that you’ll feel the same way.
Posted by Amy Sedaris on Saturday, February 20, the lovely food find was a special offering at California grocery chain Save Mart leading up to Valentine’s Day. Made of beef steak for the rose bud, a stalk of green onion to make up the stem, and two spinach leaves to represent the petals, the unique find is was priced at a mere $1.68. As in under $2!
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Though the At Home with Amy Sedaris star posted a simple caption of “#saturdee Via @billybeyond #steakrose#beefroundrosesteak” along with the photo, it was her followers that gave it all of the props needed. “These are the only flowers I want to receive,” one follower commented. “I mean I would prefer this to a real rose!” another one bashfully admitted.
While there’s no clear indication if Save Mart still has the now popular rose steak still available for customers or how huge of a hit it was during its run, the low price and creativity may have shoppers looking forward to its return in 2022. So, if you didn’t happen to catch it this year, you may want to keep it on your list of gifts to divvy out for next year’s big day. Or, if you’re looking to serve up some true love before V-Day 2022, you could always head to your kitchen and give it a swing yourself.
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