These Summer And Winter Scene Salt And Pepper Shakers Are A Fun Kitchen Item To Display

With all the time we’ve been spending at home over the last 11 months, you’ve probably noticed a few areas of your space that could use some revamping. Your kitchen has likely been used way more than usual during this time and while buying brand new appliances is one way to level up, changes can be as simple as getting new knick-knacks like these adorable scenic salt and pepper shakers.

QUALY Winter Summer Salt & Pepper Shaker Set
Your home should be reflective of your personality and even if you prefer for your overall aesthetic to be pretty traditional, buying quirky small pieces allows who you are to really shine through. Salt and pepper shakers may seem like they’re the most boring part of your kitchen but this set by the brand QUALY will look so sweet on any counter or dining table.
Called the Winter Summer Salt & Pepper set, the pair includes a cactus shape meant for the pepper and a pine tree meant for the salt. When the seasonings are put inside the shakers, it makes the cactus look like it’s planted in a sandy dessert and the pine tree like it’s surrounded by lush snow. The clear outer case makes the shakers look like little snow globes when put together as well. For those that love the general idea of these shakers, QUALY also makes a Four Seasons set that comes with bare tree capsules that can be filled with seasonings like red pepper flakes to resemble fallen autumn leaves. Too cute!

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