This $22 Garlic Chopper Will Be The Cutest Thing In Your Amazon Cart Right Now

Is it just me or are most kitchen appliances kind of ugly? Of course, there are exceptions like your KitchenAid (obviously!!) or, like, your novelty waffle iron, but most of the things that really, truly make cooking easier are not so easy on the eyes. Another exception? This garlic chopper from Amazon that totally fits into our dream kitchen aesthetic.
We spotted this Electric Mini Garlic Chopper from Olrid on MyRecipes, and immediately fell in love. Not only does it have everything practical you’d ever want in a chopper (i.e. a 37-watt motor and three hard and sharp blades), but it also has a sleek minimalist design we’d expect to see from an essential oil diffuser, not a garlic chopper.

Electric Mini Garlic Chopper
But because we’re not vain (OK, maybe a little), we’ll tout some of its other cool and practical features, like the fact that it has a one-button operation that only requires you to press the top of the lid to get it going. It also is charged by USB so you can bring it anywhere and you don’t have to worry about keeping any batteries around. Plus, let’s be real, you can chop way more than garlic with this thing, from peppers to onions to spices, and more. We love a multifunctional tool! It also comes in two different sizes—250 ml or 350 ml—so you can get whichever one is right for you.
If you weren’t already sold, this review sums it up nicely: “I absolutely love this chopper! It’s super easy to use – I just need to press the orange button and it will do the rest of the work. I use garlic a lot, and this chopper helps me a lot! Also, it’s easy to clean, I just wash it with soapy water and it is all set. Love it!”
You can pick up the 250 ml version for about $23 and the 350 ml for $26 (though you can get five percent off with a coupon at check out right now, just sayin’!).

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