This 8-Piece Dicing Kit Will Cut Your Meal Prep Time in Half

Mega Chef 8-piece Slicer Dicer and Chopper set.jpg

Even though you're spending so much time inside these days, you probably don't want to spend most of it in the kitchen. Lots of us are cooking more, and among all the kitchen tasks, one of the most tedious is chopping up the ingredients (cutting onions gets old real fast). If it's also your least favorite part of meal prep, look to a chopping kit to cut through your slicing duties in seconds.

Mega Chef's 8-piece Slicer Dicer and Chopper set is like an at-home sous chef that you can store in your cupboard. It's a large container that comes with a bunch of assorted lid attachments that cut and slice foods when you apply pressure. It's perfect for big-batch cutting for a variety of ingredients, including hard and soft veggies and fruits.

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Three different chopping and dicing panels are included with the time-saving kit, as well as a vegetable peeler, a "handguard" to avoid accidents, and a special tool to clean everything, among other things. Shoppers say that this kitchen hack is the real deal: One reviewer writes that the kit "dices in seconds," while another says that with this tool, they can finally cut onions without crying.

If you've ever used a hand grater, you know how time-consuming (and difficult to use) it is, but the Mega Chef kit has two different-sized grating panels that attach to its lid, transforming it into a secure and easy-to-use grating station for carrots, cheeses, and potatoes. Want to mimic your favorite fancy salad? The soft slice attachment can cut even pieces of avocado and hard-boiled eggs.

This all-in-one device, which is meant for anyone from beginners to advanced cooks, is available on Wayfair for less than $50. So what show will you binge with all the extra time you save on chopping onions?

Mega Chef 8-piece Slicer Dicer and Chopper set.jpg

To buy: $49;

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