Vinebox’s New Winter Pack Will Take Your Tastebuds On A European Tour

If you were a fan of Vinebox’s Home for the Holidays advent calendar when it dropped in October, then you’re going to love what they’ve whipped up for winter. The brand, which is known for giving customers the opportunity to test out a variety of wine choices without committing to a full bottle, is now releasing their Winter Wine Tour box and it feature wines from all over Europe. Yes, please!
For this curation, Vinebox has chosen “romantic European wines from picturesque regions” and with this year’s ongoing pandemic keeping us from traveling to the places we love most, what better way to experience new destinations than through your palate? I mean after all, doesn’t everyone travel for the food and drink anyway?

Winter Wine Tour-$95
The hand-selected wines for this pack include seven choices of red and two choices of white that are each perfect to pair with a romantic night in. Not sure where to start in the pack? Vinebox recommends its “wine to watch”—the Les Roches (which translates to “The Rocks”). This wine is made from 70-year-old vines from Beaujolais and tastes like a combination of blueberries, black currant candy, and includes violet-scented floral notes. It also pair well with a number of dishes like mac and cheese, sushi rolls, and turkey sandwiches. Yum!
The Vinebox Winter Wine Tour box can can nabbed for $95 on the brand’s website, but if you want to cut down on the price, you can join one of their subscription plans: a box every three months for $79 each or a box every month for a year at $72 each.
Regardless of which option you go with though, I’m sure you’ll want to drink the ho ho whole box!
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