We Could Be Facing A Milano Cookie Shortage This Season, Pepperidge Farm Warns

Food supply challenges may impact your grocery store’s cookie aisles this holiday season, Pepperidge Farm warns. Campbell’s Soup Co., which operates Pepperidge Farm, provided a statement to Bloomberg explaining there could be a shortage of certain popular cookies made by the brand due to COVID-19 related issues.
The issue comes from a combination of labor shortages and elevated demand for products. Certain Pepperidge Farm cookies—like Milano, Chessman, Linzer, and Bordeaux—might see such shortages due to their particular shapes and textures, as the company doesn’t use third-party manufacturers to make them.
“This portfolio is unique with proprietary recipes, and therefore we do not outsource production. We’ve prioritized increasing supply and are already leveraging capacity opportunities across the network to meet increases in demand and maximize availability,” Campbell’s Soup Co. said in a statement to Bloomberg.
A surge in cookie purchases is also a factor, with many people staying at home and choosing sweet snacks more often than before. Top Data reported that cookie demand is up 25 percent during the ongoing pandemic, with one in five Americans consuming more than three cookies per day.
This is not the first time Campbell’s Soup Co. has had to make adjustments to their food supply chain as a result of consumer demand during the pandemic; Bloomberg reported that the company has already increased production of popular items like Goldfish crackers and soup. Due to the particular production strategy of Pepperidge Farm’s beloved cookies, it may be more of a challenge to keep up with this demand, especially during the holiday season.

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