You Can Buy A Platter Of Brownies That Is A Whopping 6 Pounds And Includes 4 Different Flavors

Look, I totally understand why cookies get all the hype this time of year. There are so many varieties you can bake and buy, so it makes sense that once the calendar hits December people go into cookie overdrive. But may I remind you of a beloved dessert that should get some love during the winter holidays? I’m talking about brownies, people, and if you need to be reminded of just how delightful they are, BJ’s is selling a six pound platter of the treat.
The platter by Wellesley Farms will be available in your BJ’s bakery aisle for about $19.99. It’s ideal for the holidays if you have a bigger household you have to feed or even if you had plans to make small gift bags for long distance loved ones. You can take a couple brownies from the platter and wrap them up, then ship them to whoever you’re missing this holiday season using some simple mailing tips.
Brownies are a fan-favorite dessert because of their chewy and chocolatey taste, but this platter takes that above and beyond by offering four different flavors. The chocolate brownie with chocolate chips is classic, but you’ll also get Blondies, coconut macaroon brownies, and pecan brownies to choose from if you want something with a little bit more to it! Arguably the best part is that each flavor comes with six pieces, so you’ll have a total of 24 pre-cut brownies to send out or save for yourself.

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