10 weight loss tips to achieve ‘quick’ fat burning, according to a nutritionist

Donia has a BSc in Nutrition and is a Registered Associate Nutritionist and Certification, and specialises in areas including weight management.

She said: “Burning fat can be a real challenge. Whether it is in an attempt to improve your health or to get the look you are after, burning fat and toning up may well require changes to both your exercise routine and your diet. Luckily, there are some easy and quick ways in which you can burn fat.”

1. Strength training: Lifting weights as well as using your body weight for squats, push-ups and planks. For fat loss, strength training is said to be more effective than aerobic exercise alone according to studies. 

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2. Eat more protein: Protein helps you feel fuller for longer, which decreases your appetite and therefore reduces overall calorie intake. Good sources of protein include lean meat, seafood, eggs and dairy or protein supplements. For vegans, lentils, tofu and chickpeas should be consumed.

3. Get eight hours of sleep a night: A lack of sleep can contribute to an increased appetite, changes in the hormones which cause you to become hungry and a higher risk of obesity. 

4. Increase soluble fibre intake: Soluble fibres help to absorb water and form a gel, which in turn helps slow down food passing through your digestive system. This keeps you feeling full. 

5. HIIT workouts: High Intensity Interval Training is a type of high-energy fat-burning workout, which combines high-intensity bursts of exercise with short periods of rest. This is perfect for beginners or anyone short on time, and you needn’t go to a gym either. Joe Wicks has several videos online. 

6. Cut down on sugar: High-sugar foods are also high in calories and won’t fill you up, so you’ll end up eating more to satisfy your cravings. For a healthier option, swap sweets and chocolate for low-calorie, naturally sweet foods such as dates, figs and pears or sugar-free snacks.

7. Begin the day with exercise: Working out first thing in the morning is said to help you lose 20 percent more fat than exercising after breakfast. 

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8. Eat slower and be mindful: Many eat whilst doing something else – mainly watching TV. Sit at a table and be conscious about the food your chewing, and eat slowly. It can take around 20 minutes for the food to pass through the stomach, so wait a while to see if you’re still hungry before grabbing more food. 

9. Reduce portion size: Small portions mean fewer calories consumed. Try using a smaller plate as it will help visually. 

10. Avoid alcohol: Beer and wine have high-calorie content, so swap these for clear spirits such as gin or vodka and drink these with a diet mixer. Consider a couple of days a week drinking alcohol-free versions as they are lower in calories. 

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