64-year-old granny looks like she could be her granddaughter’s sister

64-yearold grandmother Lesley Maxwell, who goes by @lesleymaxwell.fitness, is verified on Instagram with a whopping 132,000 followers. The personal coach has an absolutely incredible figure, and gets plenty of attention for it on social media.

The 64-year-old has bagged many a body sculpting title over the years, with more than 30 figure titles.

She was impressively crowned First Place ‘Open’ World Title INFB New York, and was awarded INFB Pro Card.

Lesley bags thousands of likes on her Instagram photos and videos, with both men and women flocking to the comments section to tell her how amazing she looks.

Her posts range from posey bikini pics to workout videos to advice-led content.

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A post shared by Lesley Maxwell – Celeb Coach (@lesleymaxwell.fitness)

On one of her videos, Instagram user @onetwo.matthew commented: “So many guys flirting with you. Hard to blame them because you are so gorgeous.”

Under a post of Lesley wearing a green bikini and trendy baseball cap, captioned “I just couldn’t resist”, fans of the bodybuilder and influencer went crazy in the comments.

@texhickan_rito stated: “And I’m sure I speak for everyone who follows your account when I say, THANK YOU for NOT resisting! You are absolutely beautiful!”

@yaxcharlie seconded this: “WOW!!! Thank You for not Resisting!!! You are Totally Amazing and Sexy!!! Wow!!”

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@mikeack525 added: “Who can resist a beautiful setting and adding a beautiful lady. That covers it all.”

On another photo of Lesley in a gorgeous yellow bikini, @alessandroalves360 commented that she was “beautiful, wonderful, perfect”.

Women are absolutely enthralled by the fitness model, with some calling her their “muse” and “inspiration”.

@sylviainnyc told Lesley: “Thank you being an inspiration for women everywhere. Strong and beautiful.”

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A post shared by Lesley Maxwell – Celeb Coach (@lesleymaxwell.fitness)

The bodybuilder has posted photos with her granddaughter Tia Christofi, a fitness influencer who has a whopping 218,000 followers on Instagram.

Social media users couldn’t believe that Lesley was her granddaughter.

@vivekjani0909 was shocked: “Unbelievable! You both look like sisters.”

@beckys_wright added: “I always thought she was your daughter! Both beautiful.”

@ig_beautiful_girls1 branded the pair “goddesses” while many people in the comments section called them “stunning”.

jay_stay_fresh100 was pretty amazed, saying that Lesley “has these young women beat”.

Lesley runs a 12 Week Challenge for those trying to get into shape, as well as an “intense” Six Week Shred.

She also offers totally personalised private sessions and a clean eating guide which aims to help “bring your sexy back”.

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