Adele weight loss diet blasted as ‘not sustainable’ by experts after 2020 Oscars picture

Adele is rumoured to have embarked on a 1,000 calories a day diet to slim down. Her diet has been documented by pictures of the star, who is looking increasingly slender. Most recently she attended at Beyonce and Jay-Z’s Oscars 2020 after party.


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A source told People magazine: “She got to the point where she didn’t feel great. She knew she had to change something, because she wants to be the healthiest mum possible.

“Her whole focus during the weight loss journey has really been all about how she can be healthier and how can she treat her body better. It was never about losing weight.”

Dr Zoe Williams and Dale Pinnock appeared on This Morning today to discuss Adele’s weight loss. Could, and should, Britons emulate it?

Dale Pinnock warned about restricting calories to 1,000 a day.

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The nutritionist, chef and author said if dieters are eating vegetables then “1,000 calories is a lot of food in terms of volume.”

But, we went on: “If you are having dense, fatty food like a small steak you are on 750 calories already.”

His diet advice for Britons was to take dieting slowly, and “play the long game.”

“Slow and steady wins the race,” he went on. “Just find something you know can stick to.

“When it’s a drastic switch and you are running on fresh air you won’t stick to it, those small changes keep you in the game.”

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Dale claimed a good way to lose weight long term is to make your favourite meals healthier.

“Give your favourite a facelift, look at what you already enjoy and find ways to me it healthier and reduce the caloric content,” he said.

Regular on the programme Dr Zoe Williams gave similar advice for those looking to sustain weight loss.

She said: “If we try and do something radical it’s not sustainable, something like eating 1,000 calories a day, for example.

“It’s about making small changes. Instead of going to the pub, go for a coffee and a walk instead.”


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She also responded to claims made yesterday on Lorraine by a personal trainer who has worked with the singer.

Trainer Camila Goodis claimed diet accounts for 95 per cent of weight loss, and exercise five percent.

Dr Zoe said: “When it comes to doing the exercise – Adele’s been going a lot of exercise.

“Just a little bit of exercise wont help you lose weight, but it will make you feel better.”

She added: “If we try and do something radical it’s not sustainable, something like eating 1,00 calories a day.

“It’s about making small changes. Instead of going to the pub, go for a coffee and a walk instead.”

An Australian TV star had also questions about how healthy rapid weight loss can be.

The 43-year-old host of Sunrise, an Australian morning programme, questioned if Adele had lost weight in a healthy way.

Hosts of the show discussed Adele’s rumoured diet plan of “green juice and 1,000 calories per day.”

Sam Armytage, who is a paid ambassador for WW, formerly Weight Watcher, said: “I’m not sure this sounds very healthy.”

She added: “I mean, she makes her living out of singing. Is it dangerous for her voice?”

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