Adele weight loss: Expert claims intermittent fasting behind transformation – new pictures

Adele weight loss: Possible diet plan detailed by expert

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Adele has gained popularity for her powerful voice and impressive song-writing abilities. She has also spoken about her weight loss in the past.

The singer, full name Adele Adkins, was pictured as she sat courtside at the NBA Finals 2021 last night.

She wore a fitted black top and black skinny jeans under a long patterned coat.

Adele has notably achieved healthy weight loss results in recent years and some fans were quick to comment on her toned frame.

Posting on Twitter, one said: “Adele’s weight loss transformation will always amaze me.”

Another simply added: “Adele looks great!”

The mother-of-one has only briefly commented on her transformation during an appearance on Saturday Night Live.

She joked: “I know I look really, really different since you last saw me.

“But actually, because of all the Covid restrictions… I had to travel light and I could only bring half of me. And this is the half I chose.”

Fitness expert and CEO of Bio-Synergy Daniel Herman has shared the diet and exercise plans he believed helped her slim down.

The expert told her results are likely from intermittent fasting and light exercise such as pilates.

“Based on the dramatic change it would seem an intermittent fasting diet along with an increase in exercise – possibly pilates or yoga – would have been the most likely plan followed by Adele,” he claimed.

“To assist her, she may have also used insights from a DNA test to reveal any dietary deficiencies or underlying health issues, perhaps around gut health and to understand what type of exercise and foods would work best for her, based on her genetics.”

What is intermittent fasting?

The plan involves eating within a time window and fasting for the remaining hours of the day.

Daniel elaborated: “Intermittent fasting cycles between fasting and eating.

“We all fast every day, but ‘break’ the fast by eating breakfast.

“But many people do the 16/8 method, which restricts food intake for 16 hours and allows eating during an eight-hour window.

“[There is also] alternate day fasting. Alternate day fasting is done every other day. It’s a form of one day fasting.

“[Also] eat-stop-eat. In this method, you fast for 24 hours once or twice a week

“[Some use] periodic fasting. Food intake is restricted for a set number of days, such as a three day fast once a month.

“But in general, there’s some evidence that fasting has great benefits like weight loss, better digestion and slower aging.”

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