Adele weight loss: How singer lost 7 stone by following an advanced Mediterranean diet

Adele’s weight has been making headlines in recent months after she revealed her incredible slender frame in a new snap to mark her 32nd birthday. The Someone Like You singer is said to have lost a whopping seven stone, revealing her new look in what was her first post for five months. Though she had already started to slim down before Christmas last year, it was the first time fans could really see Adele’s transformation.  


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The Grammy winner’s photo has now had over 11 million likes, as fans quickly congratulated her on how great she looked in her little black dress and heels. 

There has been plenty of speculation over how she lost the weight, with sources saying that she followed the Sirtfood diet. 

The diet was created by two celebrity nutritionists from the UK, and is based on eating certain foods that are thought to have an effect on your metabolism. 

“Sirtfoods” are those that contain “sirtuins”, which are proteins that can affect metabolism and inflammation. 

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The diet has been praised for the fact that it allows foods such as dark chocolate as well as red wine and coffee – but it’s not that simple. 

The diet is done in phases, and includes a special green juice containing matcha green tea that you have to drink every day.

The first week of the diet is the toughest, as it requires a strict calorie restriction that’s meant to help you lose seven pounds in seven days. 

It means eating just 1,000 calories for the first three days, with three green juices and just one meal a day to keep you going. 

Dieters can then up their calorie intake to 1,500 calories for the rest of the week. 

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There’s then a two-week maintenance phase in order to keep the pounds off and promote further weight loss, with meals that focus on specific sirtfoods. 

Followers of the plan can then continue to bring back the three week diet as and when they need to, though it’s recommended to stick to sirtfood-based meals to stay slim. 

Though it sounds like hard work, it’s been reported that Adele may have used a food delivery service to stick to the plan. 

A source told The Sun that she used Freshology, a service in the US, which was recommended to her by celebrity friend Katy Perry. 


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The meal delivery service creates calorie-controlled menus that might make it easier to stay on the resricted plan. 

However, another dietitian has recently said the sirtfood diet is just “the Mediterranean diet dressed up to look sexy”. 

Speaking on an Australian news channel, dietitian Nick Nation said it follows a lot of the same principles. 

The Mediterranean diet is widely regarded as the healthiest diet in the world, and is often recommended by experts in order to live longer and stay slim. 

The founders of the Sirtfood diet plan agreed that they took inspiration from the popular diet, but took it to the next level. 

Sharing the video of the interview on their Instagram page, the nutritionists wrote: “The traditional Mediterranean diet was always the inspiration for The Sirtfood Diet. It’s a way of eating that has been shown to be more beneficial than calorie counting for weight loss and more effective than pharmaceutical drugs for stopping disease.

“By delving in and getting greater understanding of how it exerts these benefits, and uncovering how the foods that make it up ‘talk’ to our cells at a genetic level, we go a big step further. 

“It is the best elements of a Mediterranean diet combined with the best Sirtfoods from around the world brought together for the ultimate way of eating for health.”

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