‘Biggest reason for weight gain’ – expert urges Britons to ditch one food to lose weight

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Slimmers who are looking to lose weight and become healthier can benefit from doing so by cutting one food from their diet. Nutritionist and author Denise Kelly has explained how banning one type of food from your diet can help you slim down as well as lose belly fat. She explained: “One thing dieters should cut from their diet in order to lose weight…We love it, we crave it, it’s been studied to death (literally it kills!) and can potentially be as addictive as hard core drugs.

“It is one of the biggest reasons for weight gain (especially in the tummy area), plus it accelerates aging and can contribute to feelings of anxiousness. Yes, I am talking about the white stuff…sugar!”

The NHS advises that added sugars, such as table sugar, honey and syrups should not exceed around 30g a day for anyone over the age of 11.

Regularly eating foods high in sugar can cause you to gain excess body fat very quickly, which is often very hard to shed once put on.

Denise added: “If you want to ditch those pounds and look leaner, more trim and gain sustained energy throughout your day then you need to ditch the sweet treats.

“I’m talking all things sugar, such as fizzy drinks, sweets, chocolate, biscuits, cakes, alcohol, white bread, pasta and white rice (replace with brown, wholemeal or sourdough). 

“Sugar spikes your blood, triggers a mountain of insulin to flood through your body, and encourages fat to build up around your tummy area. What most people don’t realise are the potential risks associated with abdominal fat, or visceral fat as it’s professionally known.

“These fats generate adipokines and adipose hormones, which are the chemical ‘naughties’ that travel to your organs and blood vessels, where they create a breeding ground for inflammation and weight gain that can contribute to conditions like heart disease and cancer.”

Although fruits are high in sugar, this is naturally occurring and does not need to be cut out from your diet.

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The expert also explains that losing weight isn’t all about calorie counting. It is more so what food you put into your body and the exercising you are doing. 

The nutritionist continued: “Eating fruits from sugar in my opinion is NOT harmful! I am not a massive believer in calorie counting – just good food eating! If your’e only eating foods as nature intended then you will naturally lose weight and become your natural size. 

“Fructose is the sugar found in fruits – I always suggest to my clients that for every piece of fruit you have, you eat a vegetable too. For example, munching on a cucumber can be just as satisfying as an apple and have copious amounts of minerals, vitamins and hydration benefits for the body.”

But how can you reduce your sugar intake then so many foods contain added sugar?

Denise says: “Reducing your sugar intake is easier than you think – basically don’t buy anything processed or fake! If it’s not in the house, you can’t eat it! And when you go out, if you want a little slice of cake then allow yourself, if that’s your pleasure! 

“Snack on homemade guacamole, houmous and delicious mouth watering vegetables. Cook quinoa with mushrooms, garlic, onions, courgette and olive oil at least once per day and drink water with lemons, limes, cucumber and mint in all day long.”

Lemon water can promote fullness as well as help boost the metabolism which can aid weight loss. 

It can also be used as a low calorie replacement for higher calorie beverages including squash which contains a lot of sugar. 

Sugar cravings are common and there are many ways you can help stop them.

Denise added: “Cravings are only because your body is not nutritionally satisfied. If you have all that you need your body will not be wanting more! Eat smaller portions and try and only eat within a 10 hour window each day such as 8.00am – 6pm, or 10.00am – 8.00pm. 

“This gives the body a well deserved rest from digesting any food, which allows time for rearing and rejuvenating! Your body will look after you always if you give it the right tools.”

Intermittent fasting is a popular way to eliminate sugar cravings and shed unwanted weight because it will help reset your body to burning fat instead of sugar as its primary fuel. 

When sugar is not needed for your primary fuel and when sugar stores run low, the body will crave it a lot less. 

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