Boris Johnson lost 12lbs in two weeks – is girlfriend Carrie Symonds behind weight loss?

Boris Johnson lost 12lbs in two weeks before Christmas 2018.

In his column for The Spectator he revealed he previously weighed 16-and-a-half stone.

It was a doctor’s advice that prompted the man who hopes to be Prime Minister to lose weight.

The politician revealed he cut down on his “late-night binges of chorizo and cheese”, as well as quitting drinking.

Boris Johnson news: Weight loss of 12lbs – did girlfriend Carrie Symonds inspire new look?

In his typical grandiose language, the Bullingdon Club alumni went to great lengths to describe his morning new attitude to food.

He wrote: “I breakfast like some Georgian hermit on porridge with a luxury sprinkling of nuts.

“At drinks parties I guzzle water and marvel at the Pinteresque slowness with which we come to the point.”

The politician revealed some of the positives to his new regimen.

He said: “Is it working? You bet it is. My sight is keener, the days seem longer and more full of interest, and I have lost 12 pounds in two weeks.”

Boris Johnson and Carrie Symonds have been linked romantically since the before the new year, when they celebrated in Greece.

The Foreign Secretary, who campaigned for Brexit alongside Michael Gove, has been married twice before.

He was first married to Allegra Mostyn-Owen in 1987, but the married was dissolved in 1993. Just a few weeks after this he married Marina Wheeler, with whom he had also had a child five weeks earlier. This couple has four children, Lara, Cassia, Milo and Theodore.

During his married to Wheeler he fathered a child with his lover Helen MacIntyre, the reporting of the existence of which he sought an injunction against. However, it was not approved.

Johnson and Wheeler filed for divorce in September 2018 with Wheeler citing the politician’s infidelity.

One man has revealed the weight loss diet plan he used to lose an incredible 20 stone. 

As well as detailing his weight loss journey, “biheth” told others he is 5ft 11in and 27-years-old.

Starting his transformation by using diet shakes, he then switched to following the keto diet.

He also revealed he used intermittent fasting and exercise to help him achieve his results.

In his post, he said: “I averaged 20lbs a month till January of this year. I lost 40 lbs first month then in the 30s.

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