Camilla diet: ‘Loves organic food’ & is ‘a big fan of yoga’ – ‘great for staying in shape’

Camilla observes dance classes including RADiate for children

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Camilla, the Duchess of Cornwall, 74, has not often spoken about her favourite exercise routines or her preferred diet. Her husband Prince Charles, 73, opened up last year about cutting down on meat and dairy in his diet. Camilla on the other hand branded veganism as “ridiculous” a few years ago on a royal outing.

So what diet does the royal follow?

David Wiener, a Training and Nutrition Specialist at AI-based fitness and lifestyle coaching app Freeletics spoke exclusively to to explain.

He said: “It is known that Camilla and Charles love organic food – which is great for staying in shape and giving our bodies the nutrients and vitamins we need.

“They have their own fresh food in the ground of their residence Highgrove, and Charles founded Duchy Originals (an all-organic food line).

“Whilst she has been open about not following a vegan diet, being that she enjoys everything organic, it wouldn’t surprise me to think she only eats organic meats.

“This is still an eco-friendlier option to follow her husband’s eco-friendly messages.

“Camilla loves to talk about her healthy diet, which as a PT and nutritionist, I absolutely love.

“She uses her platform to tell people how important it is to eat healthily, and you can definitely see that through her figure and how she gets around to do all her royal duties.”

In terms of exercise, the Royal Family love horse riding, with two Olympians in the family – Princess Anne and her daughter Zara Tindall.

Camilla, on the other hand, is one of the few royals that is not mad about horses – so what exercise routine does she follow?

David continued: “Camilla actually admitted how much of a big fan she is of Yoga and Pilates, which is what I would recommend people of that age to do.

“As you get older, it comes to no surprise you should be doing less strenuous exercise as it could cause muscular pain and your bones become much more fragile.

“Furthermore, she and Charles are known to love to spend their time walking the dogs or walking in the countryside.

“Walking is one of the best exercises you can do, not only does it get your body moving but it also is gentle on your body.

“Outdoor walking is amazing for improving your fitness levels, burning fat, improving mental health, aiding sleep and getting your much-needed nature fix.”

How does Camilla maintain her figure at 74?

David added: “I would say Camilla’s figure is dependent on a mixture of both her diet and exercise regime.

“At any age, it is important to listen to your body and only do what your body allows you to do, but it seems that Camilla loves exercising and eating the right foods.

“At 74, it’s easy to become a bit more immobile as your bones and muscles become a bit more sensitive.

“But if your body is used to continuous exercise and a healthy, organic and nutritious diet – it’s easier to maintain your figure just like Camilla has.”

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