Davina McCall diet: TV star’s daily diet plan behind toned body – ‘much better option’

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Davina McCall’s incredibly toned physique has put her at the top of many people’s ‘fitspo’ lists, but how does she do it? More than dedicated to her health and fitness, the Long Lost Family presenter revealed an age-old hack she follows to stay lean.

She has been open in the past about cutting out sugar, after she “fell off the wagon” at the end of last year with her diet when it comes to her “addiction”.

Davina told her Instagram followers that she was activity “making a commitment” from the beginning of November and now follows a diet plan that suits her.

And she seems very aware of when to eat her meals, revealing she will wait until she’s finished her workout in the morning before she has her breakfast, and will eat her main meal at lunch rather than at dinner time, something experts have revealed can play big role in a person’s weight loss journey.


Davina starts her day with a cup of tea with “powdered bovine collagen”.

She the follows this with granola or something a little naughtier.

She previously told HELLO!: “I would probably have granola and milk for breakfast.

“But sometimes, if I’m naughty, I’ll do a crumpet.”

She added: “I try not to eat until after I am finished [with my workout] so sometimes I might not eat breakfast until 10am.”


Davina explained: “I try to have my main meal at lunch.”

Usually, she would opt for something like pasta, courgetti or eggs.

She also revealed her sauce of choice is always Philadelphia Light, stating that the lighter one is “a much better option”.

Otherwise, she opts for fish, with vegetables and some carbs as a “good, well-rounded meal”.

Nutrition expert Christine Palumbo explained that eating larger meals at certain times can be beneficial for weight loss.

“There’s a lot of research about meal timing, and there is an increasing body of knowledge suggesting that we’ve had it all wrong when we talk about eating five or six small meals a day,” she said.

“Research is pointing to doing better in the weight department by eating three square meals a day.

“Eating your main meal at noontime can be beneficial for your weight,” she added.


Davina’s diet incorporates each of the important food groups that allow the body to get the nutrients it needs to function accordingly.

But the presenter made it clear that variety is vital when it comes to food.

“I try to mix it up, because otherwise we all get bored,” she said.

If she is eating with her children, she revealed she will probably cook “meat and potatoes” for them but she would opt for chicken on a salad with avocado, or “another kind of crunchy vegetable”.

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