Davina McCall fitness: How the star maintains that enviable body – her top exercise tips

Davina McCall flaunts toned figure as she works out with coach

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Davina McCall has a passion for fitness and even has some ultra-successful workout videos and an app under her belt. This is how to get her enviable figure.

One of the exercises Davina relies on to maintain her toned physique is running.

She often posts pictures of herself mid-run for some fitness motivation, whether it’s recreational or for a good cause.

Occasionally she will bring a friend along.

Having a workout buddy is a great way for fitness fiends to stay accountable and make sure they smash their goals.

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The TV star also boxes, which is an amazing toning exercise.

In one particular Instagram post Davina told her one and a half million followers that boxing makes her feel strong and invincible.

The caption read: “Back to Saturday boxing with @tommykotrla . I’ve missed this so much . I was so tired … didn’t want to go and now I feel like I could run a marathon.

“I don’t think I’ll be going pro anytime soon but this man is so encouraging and positive he makes me so happy … and killer … all at the same time.”

She also walks her way to fitness, which is something all slimmers can try and do more of.

Cycling is another way Davina McCall keeps fit.

Davina’s Big Sussex Bike Ride is taking place on June 19, 2022.

Sometimes Davina keeps it simple with some balancing exercises.

Coordination is key when it comes to fitness.

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Doing the same exercise day in, day out is a surefire way to get bored and quit.

So, Davina’s willingness to try anything is definitely a reason for her fabulous figure and passion for all things exercise.

She took to Instagram to tell fans about her first time trying reformer pilates.

She said: “Quick run to Pilates this morning (am in Australia) waiting patiently out side … might do a quick stretch … never done reformer machines before this trip. They are amazing …talk about toning and strengthening … oooooof.

“On my @oygdavina challenge it said try something new… that’s quite hard for me. I’ve tried a lot of diff types of training… but had never done reformer. Will deffo continue when I get home.”

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But not all of Davina’s favourite exercises take place in a gym or pilates studio.

The star’s very own fitness app, Own Your Goals, can make participants fit from home.

But despite Davina’s clear love of exercise, she previously spoke on Loose Women about how it can be a chore.

“It always feels like a chore for me until about half way through.

“The time you get the payoff is after.”

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