Eamonn Holmes weight loss: TV star lost 3st with easy changes – dog helps with ‘best diet’

Eamonn Holmes says fireworks at New Year scared his dog

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Eamonn Holmes will appear this morning on Love Your Weekend with Alan Titchmarsh on ITV at 10am. The presenter will be joined by actor and fellow celebrity Martin Clunes.

Eamonn Holmes’ appearance has changed since first appearing on TV in the early 90s.

Fans will know that the 62-year-old has lost a huge three stone in recent years.

Eammonn has admitted in the past that he is one to stick to New Year’s resolutions, and that is how he managed to lose weight.

He slimmed down to 15 stone with juice diets, fasting, and dog walks.

Last year, Eamonn even credited his dog for “the best diet ever”.

Taking to Instagram in February 2021, Eamonn shared a photo of his Border Collie cross pup, Maggie.

The broadcaster explained that he had just begun eating his dinner, but it wasn’t long before Maggie wanted a bite to eat too.

In the picture’s caption, Eamonn wrote: “Me at the table trying to eat…

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“Every time those eyes look at me makes what happens next the best diet ever!”

In December 2020, Eamonn revealed that he planned to kick-start 2021 with a new health regime in an attempt to lose a little weight.

He told the Mirror: “I have shed three stone over five years.

“I genuinely believe in New Year’s resolutions.

“It’s a great time to take stock to repair your habits, to improve your life.”

In 2015, Eamonn pledged to follow a juice diet to lose weight and, as a result, lost 10lbs – or almost a stone.

He said at the time: “Now, if I have lunch, I will have a juice for dinner.

“If I have it during the day, I look forward to a meal in the evening.”

He also explained that he had been fasting for 12 hours every day over the past few years.

The 62-year-old also credited exercise for his weight loss.

He added: “I walk our dog every day and do Pilates once a week.”

Eamonn’s wife, Ruth Langsford, is also very active, often sharing images and videos of herself working out on Instagram.

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