Experts share 3 high-protein breakfasts you should eat to lose weight

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You’ve heard the saying ‘breakfast is the most important meal of the day’ – but what are the experts eating first thing in the morning? Four nutrition and fitness specialists revealed their favourite high-protein brekkies. These should keep you feeling fuller for longer leading to reduced snacking and weight loss.

According to research by ELEAT, a new high-protein cereal brand, Google searches for protein increased by 62 percent in January 2022.

The keenness to fill up on more protein may be due to its health and weight loss benefits as we move away from the huge eating and drinking season that is Christmas.

With ‘New Year, New Me’ plans aplenty this January 2023, it is likely that the desire for more high-protein meals is pretty high.

And according to the experts, what better way to start off a healthy day with a protein-packed breakfast?

Performance Nutrition Coach Ben Poole stated: “Any meal and overall diet that is at least adequate in protein is one that is going to prove so beneficial to an individual’s overall health and wellbeing for a huge array of different reasons, no matter your goal.”

But why breakfast specifically? According to Ed Tooley, performance nutritionist and The Rugby Football League, protein is the perfect way to start the day.

He said: “We don’t store protein in the body like we do carbohydrates and fat, so it’s hugely beneficial to include adequate protein at breakfast after not ingesting any during the night.

“Protein is also our satiety nutrient. It keeps us feeling fuller for longer, and is likely to minimise wanting to snack again too soon.”

As well as helping us cut calories by curbing snacking, protein is great for muscle recovery and repair after exercise, and helps minimise muscle loss.

Fitness experts share their go-to high protein breakfasts

Protein-rich omelette or frittata – Fitness Coach Jack Forrester

Jack stated: “My favourite breakfast, if I’m looking for something savoury, is a high-protein frittata or omelette.

“Depending on your overall calorie requirements, you can manipulate things quite easily with an omelette in order to still get a good amount of protein but without the added calories from the fat of the egg yolk.”


Two – three whole eggs

100ml egg whites

Chopped onions/garlic/tomatoes

75-100g Beef / Turkey or Heck Chicken mince

This recipe can be eaten hot, batch cooked and kept in the fridge or even put into a wrap for easier eating on the go.

Nutrition coach Ben revealed how this breakfast can be modified to suit the individual: “For someone who needs more calories, you might look at having three to four whole eggs, but for someone smaller – or who doesn’t need as many calories – you can simply swap this for one or two whole eggs, and two to three egg whites! But importantly not missing out on the goodness of the egg yolk!”

Protein Porridge – CrossFit Coach Josie Baxter

Josie stated: “If I have the morning off and a little more time on my hands I’ll make protein porridge.”

To make this she blends rolled oats with Optimum Nutrition’s Vanilla Whey Protein, mixes it with water and then heats it through until it’s “nice and thick”.

For a sweeter taste, she adds cinnamon and then a mixture of different fresh fruits.

Protein Cereal – Performance Nutrition Coach Ben Poole

Ben revealed his favourite go-to high-protein breakfast that takes no time at all to prepare.

He said: “As much as I love a fully cooked breakfast, sometimes time is precious and we forget to prep and need to turn to something that will tick all of the necessary boxes in the click of your fingers.

“For days like this, I love ELEAT, a high-protein breakfast cereal that’s just come onto the market. In contrast to more traditional high-sugar, low-protein cereals, ELEAT will provide you with a great dose of that all-important protein and leave you feeling ready to attack the day ahead!”

ELEAT (RRP £7 x250g/ £2.20 x50g) cereals are available at and Planet Organic in four flavours – Chocolate Triumph, Cinnamon Sensation, Vanilla Thriller and Strawberry Blitz. Eat them with your favourite choice of milk or milk alternative – or even straight out of the pack as a “quick nutritious snack”.

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