Fabulous at 60 – Woman loses four stone by cutting out drink from diet

Nutrition expert and founder of the wellness programme It’s So Simple Rachael Sacerdoti explained that the shift in hormones as women reach menopausal age “certainly attributes to our bodies becoming prone to storing extra weight”. Nutritionist Rachael explained that adjusting the nutrition should be “the first step and it is a simple way to heal and restore”. Women should opt for a diet rich in vegetables, whole grains and protein to support hormonal health and prevent weight gain during menopause, she suggested. 

Nutritionist Rachel explained: “We believe that making healthy lifestyle changes at any age is vital, but it should be even more considered as we reach our menopausal years.”

This is exactly what Angela experienced during menopause as she gained weight and didn’t manage to lose it until she learned how to adjust her diet and nutrition plan to her new lifestyle and body changes.

Angela, who works as a naturopath specialised in women’s health, “was becoming very embarrassed and ashamed of the way my body looked”.

After studying her specific body type and her new needs during menopause, she found that an intermittent fasting plan and eating three times a day was the best diet plan for her.

How did Angela lose weight?

Angela explained: “I wouldn’t have any food from 3pm to 9am in the morning.

“But this is personalised, this is what works for me, it’s not what works for everyone else,” she added.

Angela also switched to a plant-based diet, although she still eats “a bit of protein”.

Most importantly, she cut out alcohol completely, and “that made a really big difference,” she said.

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“It is a big thing I stopped nearly three and a half years ago and I haven’t had any alcohol since.”

Another diet change that worked for her was swapping her main meal from dinner to lunch.

“For dinner, I had a small serving of vegetables only, and by doing this I lost another 2kgs (4.4lbs).”

In total, Angela managed to lose an impressive four stone, and it was mostly the weight she had put on during menopause.

After her weight loss, she now fasts between 4pm and 9am at least five days a week, she doesn’t eat between meals and “lunch is my largest meal”, and she “rarely feel hungry”.

“I follow my health plan 80 percent of the time, this means that I do have treats on occasion and I don’t feel like I am on a restrictive diet.

“I have found if I go looking for food it is because I am bored or stressed, knowing this means that I can divert my attention elsewhere and I don’t need to eat,” she added.

Best and worst foods during menopause

Angela recommended the best foods to lose weight during menopause, including iodine foods and flaxseeds, as well as what women should avoid at all costs, mainly “sugar and alcohol”.

She explained: “Increase your vegetable intake, iodine foods (seaweed and sea vegetables), and reduce gluten and grain foods. Consume phyto-oestrogen foods – soya beans, sesame seeds, flaxseeds.

“Eat right for your body type, take a personalised approach to your diet and lifestyle, and reduce stress by eating and living well,” she suggested.

Angela concluded by saying that “it is possible to lose those extra kilos but it might take a bit of change on your part”.

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