Fat loss: ‘Essential strategies’ to get back on track – ‘biggest game changer’

Rapid weight loss 'becoming much more accepted' says Mosley

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If a person finds losing weight more difficult, it might because of underlying reasons. Nutrition expert Lauryn Lax at Breaking Muscle, revealed three key issues slimmers may run into after hitting a wall with their diets.

1. Try to avoid stressing about dieting

Stress is the number one driver of all disease, including stubborn body fat.

Lauryn explained: “Stress is inevitable in our society, but it is often overlooked in areas beyond mental health.

“Even if you don’t think you’re stressed out, minor daily stressors can threaten metabolic balance.”

She revealed that people’s cortisol levels need to be “in a state of balance” in order to shed body fat.

“If your body constantly feels threatened, cortisol levels become chronically high.

“The last thing your body wants to do when it thinks it’s fighting for survival is comply with your fat loss protocol.”

The nutritionist explained that people can’t improve their bodies when their minds are “freaked out”.

Numerous studies have shown that stress reduction helps alleviate an otherwise broken metabolism, and Lauryn suggested that incorporating a practice of deep breathing, meditation or prayer, meditative movement (stretching, yoga, dance), and reading or listening to positive truth (podcasts, books, speakers) are all tactics for mindfully reducing stress.

2. Pay attention to meals

Do this can when eating can help reduce cortisol and abdominal fat.

Lauren advised to incorporate these techniques into mealtimes:

Fully chew food

De-screen – turn off the TV, phone, computer and even books

Assess hunger and fullness levels

Be aware of how food makes a person feel

Don’t eat the same things every day

Incorporate a variety of nutrients from real foods

3. Fix mindset

“These essential strategies could be the game changers you’ve been looking for to get your fat loss efforts on track,” Lauryn said.

“But the biggest of all comes from a gut-check of a different kind and not making your goal solely about fat loss.”

She explained that fat loss is “only the means to get something else you really want”.

“Identify that feeling that you think your fat loss will bring you and begin feeding into goals and pursuits outside fat measurements or the scale itself to attain what it is you truly want,” she added.

“The biggest game changer in getting the body you want will come when you stop focusing so much on scale and size and instead make goals and set intentions around other more important things in your life.”

She recommended to set primary goals for personal development to achieve ones goals.

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