Full body rack workout: The ultimate step-by-step bodybuilding routine to do at the gym

For those without their own set of weights at home, the lockdown will no doubt have left gym-goers feeling frustrated. But now that gyms have started to reopen around the country with new social distancing and cleaning measures in place, it’s time to make the most of it. So what are the best exercises you can do to maximise your weights session? 

While having a spotter might be out of the question unless you’ve got someone from your household with you, the power rack gives you the chance to lift without breaking social distancing rules. 

Bodybuilding champion and Grenade ambassador, Nathan Williams has revealed his ultimate full body rack workout to get you started. 

The personal trainer specialises in body transformations and knows how to get results fast. 

So if you’ve lost your fitness mojo during the lockdown, his workout plan will get you back on track. 

The gruelling routine will put you through your paces with just four simple moves that work every muscle. 

It includes squats, rows and even lunges to push you to your limits – and Nathan has put together an exclusive video to show you how it’s done. 

Barbell Back Squat

First, Nathan starts with a barbell back squat designed to strengthen the quads. 

As well as targeting other parts of the lower body, such as the glutes and hamstrings, barbell squats also increase core strength and contribute towards fat loss – so they are well worth adding into your gym routine. 

Nathan recommends 10-12 reps per set, with three to four sets in total – though feel free to do more if you’re up to it. 

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Barbell Overhead Press

Next it’s the barbell overhead press, holding the bar shoulder width apart and controlling it on the way down. 

The upper body exercise works the chest and shoulders, as well as the tris and traps. 

However, the upright position means you’ll also be working your core and lower back – making it one of the best uses of your time at the rack. 

Nathan recommended doing 10 reps of the press move to really work up a sweat – or you can lower the weight and do more repetitions if you prefer. 

Inverted Row

This exercise works the back, biceps and traps, as well as improving your grip strength – perfect if you’re planning to work on your deadlifts. 

You can even adjust your grip to a wider stance to work your upper back muscles, or use a narrow grip to target your lower back. 

Nathan recommended 10 reps of the simple but effective move. 

Barbell Reverse Lunges

While you can do regular lunges as well, this reverse lunge adds an extra dimension to your workout. 

The tough move will test your hamstrings and glutes, and will help to grow and shape your quads. 

Nathan advised that they can even improve movement imbalances in areas such as the hips, making it a good option for anyone who struggles with their mobility. 

The fitness pro recommended eight to ten reps per leg for this one to really feel the burn. 

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