‘Get it done’: Celebrity Personal Trainer on how to start and keep your 2022 fitness goals

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A former professional footballer, Bradley turned his hand to personal training after a debilitating injury forced him to rethink his career plan. He now trains celebrities such as presenter Maya Jama and singer Tom Grennan, as well as non-famous people who want to get fit. 

It’s no secret losing weight and getting fit are popular New Year’s resolutions, and come January 1, peoples’ motivation to succeed at these goals is at a high.

But to stop motivation and drive wearing off, Bradley offered those hoping to launch a new healthy lifestyle the following tip: “Invest.”

Be it fitness gear, an online subscription, or an in-person trainer, Bradley believes that investing in your journey is the best way to maintain it.

He added: “Make sure you’ve got a good routine, so you’re not second guessing what to do. The worst thing is going to a gym and you don’t have a clue what to do.”

Getting down to the gym or heading outside for a run at any time is commendable, but in Bradley’s experience, nothing beats an early morning workout.

“I always recommend that you do exercise when it’s the best time for you. But if you can do exercise in the morning is the best way to start your day. I love a good sweat in the morning.”

He added: “If you do high intensity training in the evening you might struggle to sleep.”

But no matter what time a person works out, Bradley emphasised the importance of starting small.

“As a beginner, start off with two sessions per week. Build your confidence, build your strength levels and fitness levels, and when you get there, there’s nothing wrong with working out six times a week.”

Of course, the journey to weight loss and fitness isn’t just about exercise.

Bradley stated that “clearing out your fridge, getting rid of that Christmas chocolate” is the next step.

Reevaluating the food you keep in your house, ensuring that it’s mainly “really healthy and nutritious”, is a good way to stay on track.

Bradley also recommends that those wanting to live a healthier lifestyle get a “good night’s sleep”.

Indeed, according to the Sleep Foundation, those who are sleep deprived tend to reach for foods that are higher in calories.

As well as ridding their fridges of unhealthy food, Bradley recommends that those who want to get fit should be taking a look in their alcohol cupboards.

“Dry January is definitely a good idea. Just make sure your brain is feeling sharp and that will keep you motivated.”

He explained that as well as being “calorific”, alcohol makes people’s minds “foggy”, and as a depressant, can contribute to feelings of low mood and reluctance to exercise.

Not only this, Bradley believes that people do not realise how many calories are in their favourite alcoholic beverages, and that they should drink more mindfully.

He revealed that in terms of calories, “One glass of red wine is equivalent to a Krispy Kreme donut”.

While his clients would admit to easily drinking five glasses of red wine, they would feel guilty eating five donuts when the calories are identical.

“That’s where people go wrong. They need to do some research and have a better understanding of w

Lastly, Bradley recognises that everyone’s fitness journey is unique and people needn’t compare themselves with others.

“You’re going to see a lot of people on social media saying they’re smashing their workouts, but you start when you’re ready to start.

“Ease yourself into it. Do some yoga, do some pilates, do some active walks, go for a 5k run at a slower pace, because if you go too hard, too soon, you might hit a brick wall. And by mid January you’ll be feeling good and you can step up by then.”

Bradley, @bradleysimmonds, is the founder of Get It Done, a fitness app for intermediate and advanced users who want to be able to smash their fitness goals on the go.

The app includes a variety of HIIT, strength, pilates and yoga workouts.

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