‘Gets results’: Fitness pro’s ‘simple’ weight loss strategy – ‘one challenge at a time’

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Alex Crockford has a degree in fitness and personal training and is a certified personal trainer. He told Express.co.uk readers there is one important element to New Year fitness goals absolutely crucial to success.

“That is clarity,” he said. “Having real clarity on what a programme or a schedule might look like for them.”

Setting clear goals is the key to attaining success, the fitness specialist who founded his own fitness app, said.

His app #CrockFit offers a complete training guide, with workouts suitable for the gym and home.

He explained how “information overload” can prevent dieters from achieving their goals, but sticking to simple goals and increasing them slowly will help.

“It’s such an information overload in the press and social media,” Alex said. “People jump from one idea to the next, one diet to the next, and if they don’t have the clarity to follow through with anything they won’t make changes.

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“Simplicity is what really gets results because you’re able to continue with that simplicity.”

Alex explained the kind of wellbeing plan he is referring to.

He recommended a “simple training programme that fits your lifestyle, whether it is a home training programme or a gym training programme, with an active lifestyle goal of 10,000 steps. Something really simple.”

Alex went on: “Changing everything at once, like going from a terrible diet to the perfect diet. That won’t work.”

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When it comes to diet, Alex advised addressing a different element of your diet at a time, making small changes that build up over time.

He suggested: “Thinking ‘how can I make my breakfast healthier?’ Or ‘how can I start to prepare my three meals a day?’ Or, ‘how can I improve my snack?’

“Focus on those three, one at a time, for the first week or for the first month.”

The fitness ace explained why the method works so well for his clients.

“What we see a lot with motivation is when you do something small correctly, you then take on too much at once and you fail. Then motivation declines,” he said.

“So, take on something like ‘I want to improve my snacks this week’.

“Succeed in that and then say, ‘now I’ve got my snacks under control, and they’re healthy and nutritious. I’m going to start to improve my breakfast’.

“That’s how you add a bite-size habit on to the next, and to the next, by taking on one challenge at a time.”

Alex emphasised the importance of addressing your mental wellbeing too when tacking physical fitness.

“It’s important to really look after oneself rather than thinking health and fitness is just training and diet.

“Changing your diet but also destressing, meditation and recovery are becoming a much bigger conversation.

“So, what is the day to day lifestyle?

“Is it that you’re helping yourself de-stress with workouts and things like that?”

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