‘Great for abs!’ Meghan Markle’s favourite workout that ‘burns 700 calories’ a session

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Meghan Markle has always led a healthy lifestyle, being conscious about what she eats and how she moves her body. Before meeting and then marrying Prince Harry, the former Suits actress regularly enjoyed pilates. As a result, she became close friends with Heather Dorak, a pilates instructor who runs a studio based in Los Angeles which Meghan used to attend. Since moving back to the US, it is believed the Duchess of Sussex has reconnected with Heather, and no doubt, attends a few pilates sessions to keep herself in shape in California. Over the years, the friends have developed a signature pose they do whenever they’re together and it benefits the stomach area. 

Old posts on Heather’s official Instagram account reveal the close friendship she and Meghan had. 

In January 2016, the pilates instructor reposted an image of her and the Duchess doing the ‘double boat pose’. 

This involved the pair sitting, with their feet in the air, soles together, and extending arms and hands in front, where they take each other’s hands and hold. 

The boat pose strengthens the core muscles and stimulates the abdominal organs. 

Meghan originally posted the image to her account, with the caption: “The calm before the storm. 

“If you can’t get to @pilatesplatinum, bring PP to you. Mid-afternoon stretch sesh w/ @heatherdorak.

“Stay tuned for my prep and look for tonight’s @ellemagazine #WITV.” 

Heather reposted it and added: “Pilates date with my bestie @meghanmarkle.” 

Later that same year, Heather and Meghan went on a “#girlstrip” together with several other friends. 

Heather posted an image of her and Meghan doing the double boat pose again, but this time in swimsuits. 

The pair were in Ibiza, at a beautiful villa on the beach with a pool, that had a private path to the sea.  

Heather commented: “Happy Happy Birthday to @meghanmarkle. Thank you @pilatesplatinum for bringing this beautiful soul in to my life 10yrs ago. Can’t wait to celebrate with you.” 

Meghan previously discussed her love for pilates during a conversation with Women’s Health Magazine. 

She said: “There are so many workouts that you try out once and never go back to; Heather’s studio is the complete opposite.

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“You keep coming back for several reasons: first off, your body changes immediately… give it two classes and you will see a difference; second, Heather is amazing – as an instructor, as a friend, she is inspiring in every way.

“Lastly, the people in the class are cool, unpretentious, and motivating… and that is a testament to Heather’s energy.”

Heather’s pilates classes are described as an “inventive and aggressive” approach to full-body fat burning and conditioning.

“Our workout gives you the heart-pumping, muscle-quivering, body-lengthening, muscle-strengthening exercises our body desires,” the website explained. 

The workouts are said to “burn up to 700 calories” at a time. 

While the classes are small – only 14 per session – clients can train with heather privately. 

It is not disclosed how much a one-to-one session costs, but there are several studios close to Montecito, where Meghan, Harry and their two children currently reside. 

It seems Heather and Meghan have been friends for 16 years, and there is speculation that they spent July 4 together this year. 

Heather shared images on her social media of her and her family watching a local parade in the mountain town of Jackson Hole, Wyoming. 

According to the Daily Mail, in additional photos – which have since been deleted – Heather stood with Harry and Meghan, at the event with Archie. 

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