Gregg Wallace weight loss: The presenter lost 4st without ‘silly diet’ – ‘is achievable’

Gregg Wallace discusses his weight loss on GMB

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Gregg Wallace opened up about his weight loss journey after losing an impressive four stone and a half.

“I’ve lost four stone over the years with Anna’s help and Anna’s cooking,” Gregg said on ITV’s Lorraine. Gregg married wife Anna-Marie Sterpini in 2016.

However, besides his wife’s healthy cooking, Gregg lost weight thanks to a disciplined fitness routine.

The presenter previously referred to himself as “just the fat, bald bloke on MasterChef who likes pudding.”

However, a bit after that he started working out with personal trainer Danny Rai.

Regarding his diet, Gregg explained he knows better what he can and cannot eat.

“I don’t believe in diets, I don’t believe in doing something you can’t sustain. I don’t believe in starving yourself three days a week or cutting out carbs.”

He said he advocates for “making the right steps in a positive direction gradually.”

“You don’t have to be uncomfortable or hungry to lose weight, you just have to learn what food you can eat,” Gregg said.

Therefore, his secret was simply watching what he ate and doing plenty of exercise.

“I never went on a silly diet. I never cut out carbs. I never starved myself.

“What I did was I taught myself what I could eat a lot of and what I had to eat sparingly.

“The message here is do not put yourself under pressure going on a crazy diet and thinking that maybe from New Year’s Day or the day after your holiday that you are going to change your life completely.

“That’s putting yourself under too much pressure.

“What you want are small gradual steps to a healthier lifestyle that is achievable, that is sustainable,” he said.

“I (lost weight) by filling myself up at every mealtime with healthy, nutritious food. There is no way of exercising off a bad diet. Use your conscience as a guide – it knows when you’re eating and drinking the wrong things.”

Gregg launched his weight loss platform for those who want to kick start their weight loss journey.

“I try and help people now – I’ve lost four and a half stone. I’ve got a weight loss programme called Show Me Fit.

“I try and help people to lose weight, and I educate people as best as I can in the way that it worked for me,” he explained.

“Every one of these recipes has been scrutinised by a ­nutritionist. If you want to start the New Year leaner, take these recipes as a guide,” he told The People.

The presenter motivates his fans on social media with captions such as: “You can lose weight without starving yourself and being uncomfortable. I eat nice food and I like a glass of wine. If I did it so can you.”

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