Harry’s healthy diet ‘indicative of Meghan’s influence’ – but still ‘loves a Sunday roast’

Prince Harry says he’s ensuring the Queen is ‘protected’

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Prince Harry, 37, moved to America in March 2020 and lives a much healthier life, according to experts. Compared to foods like “pizza and fast food”, Harry is now eating things like “quinoa and kale”. Behavioural expert Darren Stanton has analysed Prince Harry’s preferred food choices.

Mr Stanton has done this on behalf of UK coffee retailer Coffee Friend and outlined what Harry’s tastes suggest about his different personality traits.

He told Express.co.uk: “In recent years, it’s reported Harry has ditched junk food, including pizza.

“He is now embracing the Californian lifestyle by eating healthier foods, like plenty of fruit, and sipping on green smoothies.”

What about Meghan Markle’s diet?

Mr Stanton added: “Meghan, meanwhile, dines on pasta and plenty of parmesan cheese.

“Especially homemade dishes she can conjure up herself in the kitchen, the recipes of which she previously shared on her blog.

“Meghan seems quite adventurous and she displays this during the time she spends in the kitchen.

“She’s passionate about creating and trying out different meals – showing she is open to new opportunities and change.”

What diets does Meghan follow?

Mr Stanton continued: “Conscious of the food she eats and wanting to adopt a healthier lifestyle, like many in California, it’s said Meghan eats both vegan and gluten-free meals during the week.

“At the weekend, she’s happy to push the boat out and indulge in things she would usually avoid.

“This ability to relax typical habits demonstrates her ability to be flexible and have fun while still maintaining discipline.

“This idea lends itself to her personality where Meghan has a sense of seriousness about her, but at the same time is not afraid to let her hair down.

“We see snippets of this when she is pictured laughing and joking alongside Harry.”

Is Harry’s new diet influenced by the Duchess of Sussex?

Mr Stanton commented: “Harry’s change in diet could be indicative of Meghan’s influence on him within their relationship to be more adventurous.

“Despite moving Stateside, however, Harry still longs for a touch of tradition and is said to love a Sunday roast, with him and Meghan often cooking a roasted chicken together.

“A typically British dish, not only is this reflective of a home connection he still holds dear, suggesting he misses parts of his life back in the UK.

“But it also signifies how Harry chases feelings of nostalgia too.”

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