Kirstie Allsopp weight loss: Handmade Christmas used this trick to shed whopping two stone

Kirstie Allsopp is a TV presenter many will recognise from the property shows Location, Location, Location; Relocation, Relocation and Location Revisited. She is known for her property expertise and Kirstie has recently attracted attention after dropping two stone. Did she use a diet plan to lose weight?


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The popular presenter revealed the weight started to creep on between the age of 40 and 44.

However, the mum-of-two knew it was not healthy and decided to make a change.

She told Mail Online: “I decided that I was being irresponsible as a parent and a partner and it had to go.”

Kirstie was also inspired to shape up after her mum got ill and she was told of the risks of being overweight at 50.

She used exercise to get into shape and explained she would start each day with a workout.

Speaking to The Sun, Kirstie said: “On a working day, I get up at 6.15am and I’m straight into my exercise kit for a workout.

“I run up hills and then walk down them. At 7am I wake the kids.”

Kirstie is kept active running after her two sons and two stepchildren and explained the school run has helped her stay active.

“I do the school run on my scooter. It’s brilliant,” the presenter added.

In addition to an active lifestyle, Kirstie will burn off extra fat using a healthy diet plan.

She has cut back on carbs and will fill up on healthy greens instead to stay trim.

Kirstie added: “For me, one of my things is that potatoes don’t suit me. I don’t eat them anymore.


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“And aubergines don’t agree with me. Wine doesn’t agree with me so now I drink vodka martinis.

“I really eat more greens. I order two salads now. I haven’t really been a pasta person for a while. It’s viewing vegetables as carbs. It’s always the beans, the broccoli – there’s no need for potatoes.”

To shape up, the TV star has avoided snacking and tries to stick to eating only three meals a day.

She told Mail Online: “I eat three meals a day – I do not leave the house without having breakfast.

“What is key is having five hours between meals and not having anything except water during those five hours.”

Although Kirstie will make an effort to stay trim, she revealed she is still flexible with her meal plans.

“It’s a battle to eat healthily. When I’m working, we often have a pub lunch, and I’ll try to order a salad, but it depends what else is on offer,” she told The Sun.

“I’m usually tempted by something more exciting on the menu.”

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