Laura Norton weight loss: Emmerdale’s Kelly lost three stone on a simple diet

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Laura, from Hazlerigg, Newcastle, has played Kerry since 2012. She is currently expecting a baby with her Emmerdale co-star Mark Jordan, with the new arrival due this month.

The star has managed to lose three stone in the past, her weight loss evident to Emmerdale viewers and on the red carpet.

So, how did she do? Laura used a pretty simple method to lose weight and her journey began with cutting just one thing from her diet.

Laura realised she was drinking too much Coca Cola, a habit she was indulging in many times a day.

After feeling self-conscious about her costumes for Emmerdale, she decided to do something to slim down.

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She told The Mirror: “It was about three years ago when I started to lose weight. I was in skimpy outfits all the time on telly, and the camera also adds weight to you, so I thought I’d do something.

“I started to do a bit of exercise, which I hadn’t done for years. You get a bit older and weight is harder to lose.

“Then I cut the Coca-Cola out and started to notice the difference and then just decided to keep it up.”

The actress admitted to waking in the night craving the drink and drank a huge two litres a day.

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Laura was drinking 212 grams of sugar a day, and a lot of extra calories.

A litre bottle of Coke contains a whopping 800 calories.

The actress claimed to lose a stone “very quickly” after ditching the drink.

After this success, she began exercising more.

“Moving out of Leeds meant I wasn’t eating out as much,” the actress told What’s on TV.

“I also did some work with a personal trainer for a few months.

“I have lost three stone since I started the show and it’s all down to having a healthier lifestyle.”

Laura also told presenter Lorraine Kelly she avoid desserts too.

She said: “Do you know, in the eight years that I have been there (on Emmerdale), I have never once had a pudding,” she said.

“I can’t. It’s just a slippery slope.”

Another TV star who has lost a lot of weight is The Chase’s Mark Labett aka The Beast. 

Posting on Instagram this week, Mark shared a face to face shot of him looking trim.

“Leaner, meaner lockdown with good folks of muscle foods,” he stated in a sponsored post.

“At this rate, I will be the skinniest Chaser.”

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