Lorraine Kelly lost 11lb by being ‘clever’ when snacking on treats

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TV star Lorraine Kelly stunned fans after she announced she had dropped a whopping 11lbs with a brand new diet plan that she found enjoyable and easy to follow. She credited WW for her success which allows her to continue indulging in sweet treats while losing unwanted weight.

Lorraine is coached by WW’s Suzie Stirling, who shared some of her favourite weight loss methods that helped her drop the pounds.

She encouraged people to forget punishing fad diets and starvation in order to feel healthier.

Suzie said: “There is no such thing as ‘good’ or ‘bad’ food and nothing is off limits on the WW programme.

“Lorraine loves chocolate and had got into the habit of eating lots of it before bed.

“She didn’t want to give it up for good, so now she has a big bowl of fruit, such as berries, melon and mango, which she dips into a little pot of WW Chocolate Spread.”

Speaking previously to Express.co.uk, Lorraine recalled how she had gone from a size 10 to a size 14 due to a lack of exercise and indulging in more junk food when the country went into lockdown.

The ITV host shared her go-to healthy snack on her Instagram profile, to help those wanting to satisfy their sweet tooth.

She captioned the video: “During lockdown, I became a real chocolate fiend.

“I’d have a massive ‘chocolate plate’ most evenings, no wonder the weight steadily crept on.

“But since Joining @ww.uk , I’ve learnt there’s clever ways of snacking. Here’s how I now get my fix! It’s SO GOOD!”

In the video, Lorraine could be seen standing at her kitchen island, laden with strawberries and bananas, as she demonstrated the WW’s tasty low-calorie chocolate spread – which is only 71 calories per tablespoon.

And it seems it was popular with her fans, as they gushed over her healthy hack to curb those chocolate cravings.

Alongside that, another favourite snack of hers is a superfood Suzie hailed as a weight loss hero.

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“Bananas are rich in goodness and healthy fibres that help curb appetite and they are incredibly versatile,” she said.

“You can chop them up and freeze them to make into ice-cold smoothies or an instantly refreshing ice-cream.”

People can even add them to their breakfast, as Suzie noted: “You should start the day as you mean to go on.

“Your body needs to be fuelled with good food and you should always try and have a healthy breakfast,” Suzie added.

“It will help when it comes to avoiding mid-morning snacks.”

She explained that Lorraine has a bowl of porridge each morning topped with fruit.

“It fills her up and means she doesn’t reach for the pastries that are always readily available at work,” she explained.

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