Michael Mosley: How to get fit in one minute through ‘exercise snacking’ – ‘easy’

Dr Michael Mosley on the benefits of exercise

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Dr Michael Mosley is famous for advocating quick diets such as the Fast 800, 5:2 and most recently Fast 800 Keto. But while food is crucial for losing weight, exercise also has some essential health benefits.

In his podcast, Just One Thing, Dr Mosley shared a small lifestyle change everyone can make to be healthier.

The doctor is a fan of “exercise snacking”, which means “doing multiple short bursts of exercise during the day rather than trying to fit it all into a full workout”.

He added: “Stairs are a particularly good way of getting in a few exercise snacks.

“The surprising thing about exercise snacking is that although each session is short, it gives you the same – possibly even greater – fitness and health benefits than doing a full 30-minute workout.”

In addition to saving precious time, these short bursts of exercise have extreme health benefits.

“Doing exercise in short chunks really can help you burn more calories, lose more weight, and help improve your blood glucose and blood pressure to a greater degree than doing it in larger chunks.”

Ideal for those who are not “regular” exercisers, this “easy” weight loss method is something anyone can incorporate into their lives.

On another episode of Just One Thing, Dr Mosley revealed a surprisingly simple exercise fabulous for shedding fat – standing up.


He remarked on a study which found that over the course of a year, standing for an extra three hours per day is equivalent to running an incredible 10 marathons.

“It’s one of the best things you can do for your health.”

Whether it’s squats, press-ups, jogging on the spot or taking a few more conscious quick trips up and down the stairs, incorporating small bursts of exercise into the day is vital for slimmers.

The exercise must be “moderately intense” for “five or 10 minutes, here and there”, possibly starting off with a five-minute walk before breakfast.

He added: “Many of us don’t meet the UK physical activity guidelines, and finding two-and-a-half hours each week can be a challenge, and during the pandemic it got worse.”

During this time, the nation’s step count dropped by an astonishing 50 percent, and this has not been helped by the move to home working and Zoom meetings for so many.

“In 2019, a large review of studies found that breaking your exercise into bite-sized chunks was just as beneficial as a single bout of exercise, for both cardio-respiratory fitness and blood pressure,” said Dr Moseley.

“But what was surprisingly good news is that it was even better for reducing weight, body fat and LDL cholesterol – the bad cholesterol.”

Short bursts of exercise are “more effective” than a long workout.

Professor of Sport and Exercise Science Dr Marie Murphy explained that “exercise snacking” allows for more opportunities for slimmers to boost their metabolism, which in turn leads to “more calorie burning”.

While a 30-minute stint in the gym is similarly effective in that it increases the heart rate and gets the circulation going, activating the metabolism multiple times means that this process happens more frequently.

Dr Murphy suggested that doing three 10-minute bouts of exercise bursts a day is optimum, but “every single minute counts”.

“If you’ve only got a minute, you can still use that wisely to accumulate towards that 30-minute target.”

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