Mum felt like a ‘beached whale’ before incredible 5st weight loss

Jen Hinde, mum to a 12-year-old girl, made one crucial lifestyle change which helped her go from feeling like a “beached whale” to finally being able to look at herself in the mirror. Here’s how the mum-of-one lost weight for good.

Jen ballooned in weight due to a lack of exercise exacerbated by painful Fibromyalgia. 

She also had an expensive takeaway habit, using her pain as an excuse not to cook.

But Jen decided once and for all to ditch her unhealthy habits when her doctor told her she was heading for a liver transplant.

This was because she had non-alcoholic liver disease at the fibrosis stage. 

At 18st 5lbs, this scary prediction gave her the incentive to truly change her lifestyle for good.

Jen managed to lose just under six stone by swapping the takeaways for nutritious, home-cooked foods.

While the odd takeaway can be a tasty treat, it’s very difficult to monitor how many calories are in your favourite meals.

A favourite takeaway for Jen was Pizza Hut, with the 35-year-old admitting she would eat a whole large pizza to herself with “loads of space and stuffed crust”. 

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She admitted that the amount of takeaways she was ordering was problematic – “I looked back at my Just Eat account and there’s something stupid like 50 pages of orders and it was like every other day”. 

When she decided to embark on her weight loss journey, Jen opted for Slimming World.

On pain-free days she batch cooks healthy meals and always has some Slimming World meals stashed away in the freezer for days she is too in pain to cook.

Her weight loss has also made it easier for Jen to exercise, and she now enjoys swimming for more than simply fitness-related reasons.

She said: “I go swimming a lot more now, mainly because I can actually get in a swimming costume without thinking I’m going to look like a beached whale,” reported The Mirror.

Jen’s weight loss has totally transformed her confidence and she now happily posts photos of herself online when before she struggled to look in the mirror.

She said: “I don’t want to sound up my own bum or anything but I’ve done awesome.”

Not only has the monumental weight loss had a transformative effect on Jen’s self esteem, her health prospects have vastly improved.

The slimmer revealed that when she went for an annual check-up with the doctor this year, she was told the incredible news that her liver was “back to a normal, healthy one”.

Jen described herself as “over the moon” hearing this news – “having that confirmed to me that I’ve turned my life around in a year was just great”.

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