NHS offers personalised weight loss plans for just £1 – and a free app to track progress

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As part of the Public Health England’s Better Health campaign to improve your wellbeing through healthier food options and physical activity, some of the weight loss plans are as cheap as £1.

Get Slim offers a weight loss plan costing just £1 a week for three months.

Dieters can buy it online by choosing the standard quarterly subscription plan and by entering the offer code BH22 at the checkout to receive the reduced rate of just £12 for three months.

The plans offer over 3,000 recipes, including 900 plant-based, nutritional coaches’ support, cardio, strength and stability workouts for all levels, and tracking tools to monitor the progress.

Get Slim has many weight loss plans available for those looking to count calories, cut back on processed foods or try intermittent fasting, including a 21 Day Starter Plan, a 28 Day Low Salt, Low Sugar Plan or a 28 Day Lean and Clean Plan.

Healthier for Life is also partnering with Public Health England’s Better Health campaign.

Weight loss plans are available ‍for just £1 a week for three months.

Slimmers can get it by choosing the standard quarterly subscription plan and entering the offer code H22 at the checkout to receive the reduced rate of just £12 for three months.

They have a wide choice of eating plans available to fit in with every lifestyle including The Fasting Revolution, 21 Day Starter Plan and the Complete Lifestyle Change.

Weight Watchers is offering a free 30-day trial.

After choosing what plan fits slimmers’ lifestyle, the app will provide meal planning tools, a food tracker, 3,000 recipes, and a restaurant finder.

Dietes will also find an activity dashboard and guided workouts as well as coaching guidance and meditation sessions.

But Weight Watchers’ app goes even further as to help dieters sleep better it has bedtime reminders, sleep tracking and other techniques to help de-stress.

EFL Trust Fit Fans is offering football fans the chance to lose weight for free.

Fit Fans offers a free health programme for men and women aged 35-65 who are looking to lose weight, get fitter and lead a more active life.

To qualify, slimmers should be aged 35-65, have a BMI of 28+ or have a waist measurement of more than 38in males or 31in females.

The 12 free weekly sessions will be held at their local football club.

The NHS also offers its own NHS Weight Loss Plan app which slimmers can download for free.

The app helps people create healthier eating habits, be more active, and start losing weight.

The plan is broken down into 12 weeks and dieters can set their weight loss goals, use the BMI calculator to customise their plan or just plan their meals.

Not only to make healthier food choices, but the NHS helps Britons get more active, burn more calories and record their activity and progress.

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