Princess Amalia suffers ‘body shaming’ during tour – a look at diet

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Princess Catharina-Amalia of The Netherlands, who is known as Amalia, is currently on tour in the Dutch Caribbean Islands with King Willem-Alexander and Queen Maxima. The royal has experienced some body shaming online due to her weight.

Royal fan @cambridgepower tweeted: “People who are body shaming Princess Amalia of Netherlands are the same who body shaming Princess Catherine because she is too skinny with no curves.

“That’s the reality in this social media, people hate that you are happy with yourself and that somebody loves you for the way you are.”

Royal watcher added: “I think she is absolutely beautiful!”

In addition, @FrankieAgubi commented: “Catharina-Amalia is a beautiful girl.”

What diet does the Dutch Princess follow?

Amalia has never spoken openly about her diet, but told MSN that she often sees a therapist due to online hate that she has received.

“Sometimes it becomes all too much for me, school, friends, and then I talk to someone”, Amalia said.

“Everyone talks about healthy food and sports. And that’s also important”, Amalia emphasised.

“But mental health is equally important”, the Dutch Princess added.

A Spanish magazine came under fire in the past after it described the heir to the Dutch throne as “plus-size” on its front cover. 

Princess Amalia was pictured alongside her mother on Caras, a celebrity gossip and royal news magazine published in Spanish and Portuguese. 

The photograph was published alongside a headline that read: “Maxima’s oldest daughter proudly wears her “plus-size” look”.

The magazine’s subhead, once translated, reads: “The harassed heir to the throne of the Netherlands faces criticism with force and with the support of her parents.

“A Princess who goes through puberty without taboos and defends her figure of ‘real woman’.”

However, it is not thought the Princess provided any quotes to the magazine or has ever commented on her weight in public. 

Social media users and media outlets from Maxima’s native Argentina blasted the magazine for using the term to describe the teenage royal, saying it was extremely dangerous.

Queen Maxima previously shared her mother’s recipe for her “favourite cookies”, Argentine alfajores, which is a dessert likely enjoyed by her three daughters, Amalia, Alexia, and Ariane.

The Dutch Queen said: “I grew up with alfajores, they are my favourite cookies! I bake them according to my mother’s recipe, which I am pleased to share with you.

“So you can bake them yourself at home.”

It has been reported that traditional continental breakfast foods are cooked at Huis Ten Bosch palace, the home of the Dutch Royal Family.

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