Princess Eugenie weight loss: Royal must be ‘selective with her food choices’ in Portugal

Princess Eugenie to divide time between Portugal and England

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Princess Eugenie made an outing this morning showing off her beautiful slim figure. One royal fan on Instagram @lindaannmccrea said: “She looks great and very slender too.” Has Eugenie begun following a new diet since moving to Portugal?

Sarah Campus, the founder of LDN MUMS FITNESS spoke exclusively to about the Portuguese diet, and whether this will aid in Eugenie’s weight loss.

She said: “The Portuguese lifestyle is similar to that of a Mediterranean one.

“Many of the ingredients used in Portuguese dishes are healthy foods (fish, vegetables, fruits, herbs, grains, etc).

“However, many of those healthy ingredients end up being fried rather than roasted or baked.”

The expert added: “It is therefore essential for Princess Eugenie to be selective with her food choices if eating out and entertaining should she wish to maintain her current slender and glowing state.”

What does the rest of the Portuguese diet entail?

Sarah noted: “Portuguese have a love for olive oil which significantly benefits the body by being a powerful antioxidant.

“It has strong anti-inflammatory properties, is rich in monounsaturated fats and is not associated with weight gain or obesity and contributes to glowing hair, skin and nails.

“Princess Eugenie also needs to ensure she doesn’t eat too late as this is very typical for the Portuguese lifestyle.”

The expert suggested: “Eating late at night can lead to several health hazards like increase in blood sugar levels, heart diseases, obesity and acidity.”

What is the best advice for Eugenie out in Portugal to stay healthy?

Sarah opined: “Basically, the later you eat, the less your body is prepared to sleep, which can also have adverse effects on your memory and efficiency for the next day.

“The Portuguese lifestyle can support one who is looking to maintain weight as it’s predominantly small portions and fresh ingredients.

“Portugal’s warmer climate leads you to select healthier food choices and eat less.”

How does Princess Eugenie normally control her weight?

Michael Brigo, a personal trainer from spoke to about Eugenie’s weight loss journey.

He said: “As it is known, Princess Eugenie has experienced her own transformational fitness journey.

“With a combination of a healthy diet, it’s very likely her exercise regime consists of HIIT (high-intensity interval training) and doing circuits with a mixture of bodyweight cardio exercises such as jump squats, burpees, high knees and lunges.

“These are just to name a few!”

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