PT breaks down Melissa McCarthy’s fitness regime after incredible 5st transformation

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Melissa McCarthy rose to fame for her hilarious antics on-screen and of course, her acting talent. But there’s another thing she’s become very well known for too: body positivity and weight loss.

The movie star has been an inspiration to many when it comes to these topics, after losing 5st.

And it’s all down to a non-traditional workout regime that incorporates elements of martial arts and kickboxing.

In the past, McCarthy addressed her weight, saying: “My weight? It is what it is. You could get hit by a bus tomorrow. It’s about being content. And sometimes other priorities win.”

All well and true, and the actress prioritised her fitness by making it “fun” to do.

She has said previously that she “wouldn’t be caught dead on a treadmill”, so with that in mind, the mum-of-two decided to try her hand at other forms of exercise to really get her going, and they’re just as effective. spoke to personal trainer Sam Harvey, who explained her “fun” fitness plan may be is a blend of cardio and resistance training exercises, which are proven to work well together to burn body fat.

It has been reported that she took part in martial arts and used a rowing machine to burn the calories.

She also used a combination of bodyweight exercises and resistance exercises that targeted her major muscle groups for strength training.

“It seems Melissa has tailored her workouts to her needs, and it’s working really well,” Sam explained.

A sample of McCarthy’s weekly workout plan could look like this:

Monday – total body workout

She is said to incorporate different bodyweight exercises, such as push-ups, wall sits, jumping-jacks, air squats, walking lunges and crunches.

“Incorporating these kind of bodyweight exercises into your workout routine can not only improve your strength, power and endurance but also effect your speed, flexibility, coordination and balance,” Sam said.

Tuesday – cardio workout

This comprises of 30 minutes rigorous martial arts training and 15 minutes on a rowing machine.

Sam explained: “There are many reasons people choose to do martial art as their main fat burning method.

“While it can be classed as a cardio workout, it also provides a lower impact, full-body workout while improving coordination and flexibility, as you’ll be working muscles you might not have known were there.”

Wednesday – lower body workout

Here, McCarthy is said to complete resistance training exercises to work the legs and glutes.

“Some of the best exercises for legs include weighted squats, walking lunges, barbell deadlift and weighted step-ups,” Sam noted.

“This way you can work on building muscle, strengthen your bones and reduce joint pain, in some cases.”

Thursday – cardio workout

Another 30 minutes rigorous martial arts training session with 15 minutes of burpees.

“Burpees are a great way to burn fat because it cranks up your heart rate and metabolism,” Sam explained.

“When done correctly, this challenge can improve your strength, endurance, general fitness and boost your weight loss.”

Friday – upper body workout

Various resistance training exercises to work the arms, back, and shoulders, where exercises include the likes of dumbbell bench press, dumbbell shoulder press, dumbbell upright row, dumbbell tricep extension, chair dips.

“Training the upper body is so important because it helps with daily life, such as lifting.

“In recent pictures, Melissa’s arms look more toned to that of a few yers ago, so you can tell she’s been working hard to gain and maintain that muscle mass.”

Saturday – another cardio workout

Sunday – stretching and 45 minutes of yoga

“Rest days give your muscles chance to grow and reduce the chance of injury,” Sam said.

“And alternating between days of doing just cardio exercise and strength training also provides a rest period for some muscle groups while other muscle groups are exercised.

Over the years, there have been reports McCarthy has followed a keto diet, comprising of high protein and fats with low amounts of carbs per meal.

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