Queen Rania likely avoids ‘getting tired’ during workouts, expert claims

Queen Rania of Jordan, who celebrated her 53rd birthday today, has been the Queen of Jordan since 1999.

Joanna Dase, a Fitness Expert at Curves spoke exclusively to Express.co.uk to explain how she keeps such a fabulous figure at 53 years old.

She claimed: “‌As the beautiful Queen of Jordan, Queen Rania is one of the most influential women in the world and known as a fitness enthusiast.

“She leads a very active life and is particularly fond of activities such as jogging, strength training, Pilates, and yoga. One of the myths in fitness is that women, in general, and as we get older, don’t need strength training.

“But the truth is quite the opposite as Queen Rania understands. At Curves, strength training is one of the key pillars of our workouts as it can lower your body fat, control your weight, reduce pain and injury, increase bone density, and improve your athletic performance so you can work out for longer without getting tired.

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“Queen Rania chooses great exercises for women in their 50s, as their routine should consist of maintaining, or improving, mobility, flexibility, and bone density.

“Pilates and yoga are also great low-intensity exercises to keep our joints moving and healthy. As we age, our bodies tend to ache more and may weaken, so if we just aim to move our body in some way every day – we are doing a good job!

“Queen Rania also maintains a healthy lifestyle, beyond her exercise routine. Due to her religious beliefs, she does not smoke or drink alcohol which lowers her risk of cardiovascular diseases, lowers the risk of 12 cancers, and improves her life expectancy.

“She has also spoken about the importance of sleep in her life. She aims for eight hours of sleep every night and avoids caffeine before bedtime.

“She famously said ‘I don’t lose sleep over failures’- which is a mindset we should all aim to adopt! A good night’s sleep can improve brain function, your mood, and health.

“I would recommend following Queen Rania’s relaxing bedtime routine, adding in to avoid watching TV or using mobile phones before bedtime as the blue light can interfere with our natural sleeping patterns.

“I would also suggest sleeping in a dark, quiet, and cool bedroom with no distractions for a peaceful environment to rest. Finally, I would spend 15 to 30 minutes winding down before bed, whether that be reading a book, taking a warm bath, or meditating.”

Ms Dase explained whether or not Rania eats a mainly Middle Eastern diet.

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The expert continued: “It has been reported that her royal diet consists of foods staple to the Middle Eastern diet, such as rice, lamb, grilled fish, and vegetables. She also has said that she likes her children to ‘see Arabic food on the table’.

“For a sweet treat, Queen Rania has shared her love for dark chocolate, which is the healthiest of all chocolates as it’s packed with important minerals such as iron, magnesium, zinc, copper, and phosphorus.

“If you are following Queen Rania’s diet, just note to have sweet treats in moderation in order to manage your sugar intake. Overall, it is a flexible and delicious way to eat, and I would recommend this diet for improving general wellbeing.”

‌Ms Dase expanded on Queen Rania’s reported exercise routine: “In an interview with Vogue, Queen Rania said that she tries to get in a workout every day, even if it’s just for 30 minutes.

“She is correct, as 30 minutes is all you need! Life can be hectic and making time for your health and fitness can be a struggle, which is why at Curves we created a 30-minute workout, designed for women, that implements aspects of Queen Rania’s routine- strength training, cardio and stretching to target every major muscle group.

“For cardio, Queen Rania enjoys jogging, biking, and kickboxing – all exercises that can help improve cardiovascular health and reduce the risk of heart disease, stroke, and other chronic diseases.

“Strength training exercises help to build muscle and strength, which can help to improve bone health, metabolism, and balance. Stretching can include yoga and Pilates, as great ways to improve flexibility, strength, balance, and stress levels.

“Be mindful that Queen Rania likely follows a specific diet and exercise routine that is tailored to her individual needs. For the same results, it’s important to seek guidance from a fitness coach who can perfect your form, help you set realistic goals, keep you accountable to your fitness routine and tailor your routine to your specific needs.”

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