Queen’s diet at 96: Monarch ‘starts her day with Earl Grey tea’ and ‘walks her dogs daily’

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Queen Elizabeth was born on April 21, 1926 and is celebrating her 96th birthday today. The 96-year-old is still vibrant and active, as she flew by helicopter yesterday from Windsor to Norfolk to celebrate her birthday. A health and fitness expert spoke exclusively to Express.co.uk to uncover the Queen’s diet plan and which exercises she enjoys to keep fit.

Sarah Campus, a personal trainer, nutrition coach and founder of www.ldnmumsfitness.com outlined the Queen’s diet.

She said: “The Queen seems to be quite the powerhouse when it comes to growing old gracefully and keeping active at age 96.

“The Queen also eats a healthy, balanced diet. She has a team of talented chefs at Buckingham Palace and Windsor Castle.

“The Queen starts her day with Earl Grey tea – minus milk and sugar – and a side of biscuits. Her main breakfast consists of cereal, yoghurt, toast and marmalade.

“She is also partial to fish sometimes for breakfast, in particular kippers or smoked haddock, a great high-quality source of protein to kick-start her day and will keep hunger locked up. This all contributes to maintaining her strength,” Sarah said.

She continued: “The Queen is believed to keep things simple for lunch, often enjoying a plate of fish and vegetables, such a Dover Sole with silted spinach.

“She tends to avoid starchy food such as pasta and potatoes when eating alone. The Queen eats little and often, so for afternoon tea she loves chocolate biscuit cake and ginger cake, and her favourite sandwiches are cucumber, egg and smoked salmon.

“For supper her tastes are varied and include a combination of meat or fish and vegetables.

“For example for the main course she loves game, things like Gaelic steak, fillet steak with a mushroom whisky sauce, especially if with venison. For a first course she enjoys fish pate consisting of smoked salmon, trout and mackerel.

“The Queen is a big fan of chocolate. Chocolate is so antioxidant-rich, that research suggests it may even help lower the risk of heart disease, reduce inflammation and insulin resistance, and improve brain function.”

How does the Queen stay active despite pictures of her with a walking stick and rumours of her using a wheelchair?

Sarah added: “The Queen loves spending time outdoors walking her dogs daily and in the past riding horses, so all that fresh air no doubt contributes to her strong immune system.

“She is a great believer in sensible exercise.”

How has the Queen reached 96-years-of-age? What are her health tips and tricks?

Sarah noted: “The Queen’s top tips include the following:

“1. Managing stress. The Queen is said to practice meditation and deep breathing to help reduce stress levels.

“2. Eat a variety of health foods. Range of fresh fruits, vegetables, grains, and protein, in particular fish which has fabulous anti-inflammatory properties.

“3. Drinking tea regularly. Tea has numerous health benefits: antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, anti-cancer, anti–heart disease.

“4. Keep a pet. The Queen’s love for dogs, in particular her Corgis have found to relax her, reduce her blood pressure and encourage the production of positive hormones.

“5. Stay connected – friends, family, community contribute to protecting or improving your emotional health.

“6. Helping others to help yourself – through her volunteering and sharing is very gratifying and meaningful. This is particularly seen in her work with numerous charities.”

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