Reece Dinsdale weight loss: Emmerdale star gave up one snack to drop pounds – ‘amazing’

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Reece Dinsdale revealed his weight loss success was down to giving up one food in particular. It comes after fans congratulated him on his slimmer physique.

The former Emmerdale actor known for playing villainous Paul Ashdale in the ITV soap, ditched his crisp habit and the change in his appearance has been very noticeable.

After seeing the result for himself, he shared a comparison photo with his followers on Twitter.

One photo showed the TV star at the beginning of his soap debut in 2020, compared to a present day selfie.

Reece left Emmerdale in 2021, when his character was killed off in an explosion.

And it turns out, all he did was remove crisps from his diet.

He penned: “Amazing what 10 weeks rest and recuperation (and far fewer crisps) can do for you.”

And fans were quick to comment on his slimmer face.

“Wow you look fantastic!” one said.

Another added: “Looking top notch mate.”

His co-star, James Hooton who plays Sam Dingle, gushed: “Looking good Reece!”

Someone else asked Reece for his tips on slimming down, hoping he could offer more insight into his success.

They said: “Well done, tips please.”

Reece replied: “Eat less cr*p.”

Continuing the exchange, he also acknowledged how “hard” it is to do, but the results have paid off.

Crisps are among the foods experts have suggested ditching in order to kick-start a person’s weight loss journey.

They are usually high in salt, fat and calories, and these ingredients have been found by numerous studies to increase the risk of obesity, hypertension, type 2 diabetes and coronary disease.

And Harvard researchers suggested that regularly consuming them will impact belly fat significantly.

They have low satiety, which means they won’t fill people up.

This then leads to cravings and causes a person to overeat, therefore putting on weight.

In order to cut down on body fat, experts recommend also cutting down on foods such as crisps to achieve weight loss goals.

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