Robbie Williams weight loss: Secret diet behind slim new look revealed

Robbie Williams’ weight loss has impressed many, and he boasts a much slimmer frame in recent times. His success came after the singer became the face of WW, the new version of Weight Watchers.


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He recently appeared on the WW podcast to discuss his weight loss journey.

The singer described his “relentless weight battle” on the podcast.

Robbie told listeners: “I found that normally my history is being overweight and being dreadfully unhappy and then counteracting that with extreme measures and being depressed because there are no nutrients in my body.

“There is this relentless weight battle and weight issue that I’ve had forever.”

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He went on: “WW phoned up and said ‘hey, we want you to be really healthy and have a clean head, and feel good about yourself!’.

“The universe spoke and I listened to it, and I was like, yes, please let me get on this.

“And I started boxing. That was great for my mind”.

Robbie credits playing golf, and the long time walking between holes, for his slimmer physique.

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He also revealed he enjoys boxing.

So how did he manage his great weight loss?

Quitting up smoking was a large part of Robbie’s new lifestyle.

The singer said: “The most recent thing that triggered this whole [weight gain] thing was I relapsed on smoking.

“So when I smoke, I’m half-smoke, half-man. I’m a man of extremes. And the wife said, ‘You got to give up smoking’.

“I didn’t want to do the death, the early death. So I was like, yeah, OK.

“And I just thought, hang on, maybe I can just view this differently. This whole process, not only could I give up smoking, but I could be fit and healthy and have a clean head and a clean vision of how I want my future.

“And I found that moment to be very, very powerful.”

Another celebrity who has slimmed down is one very famous comedian.

Peter Kay’s weight loss was noticed by “insiders” at an event last year.

Peter took a career break due to “unforeseen family circumstances” last year.

However, he was snapped at a screening for the last car show episode.

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