Sandi Toksvig weight loss: How the Bake Off star lost four stone – what did she eat?

Sandi Toksvig, is a British-Danish comedian, writer, actor and television presenter, who many will recognise from presenting The Great British Bake Off with Noel Fielding. Before the show, the 61-year-old wore a dress size 22, however, she managed to lose four stone by embarking on a new diet. What did she do? Sandi revealed that she’d lost the weight by making one major change to her diet – going sugar free.

Sandi Toksvig weight loss: How the Bake Off star lost four stone – what did she eat?

The 61-year-old embarked on the Louise Parker diet plan, a plan which encourages followers to go sugar-free, exercise every day and cut out complex carbs.

As a result, Sandi lost four stone in 12 months and now wears a dress size 10.

Speaking in her Good Housekeeping column, Sandi revealed: “I’m not quite as thin as I was, but I certainly haven’t put it back on again.

“The wonderful thing is I now have the tools to deal with it. Mostly now I don’t eat carbs – actually I’m not attracted to them any more.”

Sandi decided to make a change to her diet, after her partner became worried about her health.

She continued: “I was never interested in how I look. The number one thing in my whole life is my children and I want to be there for them.

“At my worst I was a size 22, and at that size you can’t go down the high street and buy yourself things that make you feel good. Your shopping options are limited in a way they aren’t when you are a size 12.

“I had tried every diet out there – I would lose weight for a bit, then put it back on again. Then, by chance, my partner, Debbie, and I saw an advert for Louise Parker in an airline magazine.”

Since slimming down Sandi’s fitness has also improved, with the presenter saying: “When I first started I couldn’t touch my knees. Now I can run 5K no problem.”

Fellow TV presenter Jeremy Clarkson has also undergone a transformation.

The former Top Gear presenter lost two stone by following a diet rule.

Jeremy revealed eating lots of lettuce had helped him slim down.

Speaking to journalists from the Sun he said: “I had salad for lunch and water.

“But I had a salad nicoise and a glass of water. I lost 2st last year.”

Back in January, the 59-year-old said he had become “unbelievably fat” after he gave up smoking.

Smoking is now to suppress the appetite, and many who give up find the weight creeping on.

The presenter revealed all at a Q and A ahead of a screening of the The Grand Tour Season 3.

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