Savvy dieter shares easy hack to get £140 Slimming World membership for free

Slimming World member discusses her seven-stone weight loss

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Thousands of people have lost weight by joining a slimming club or weight loss group, and while they are successful, they can also be expensive. Slimming World is a popular choice but at £140 a year, those on a budget might be put off by the weekly or monthly fee. However, one savvy member of a money-saving community has shared her top tips for getting a free membership. 

Carole-Anne Clark said: “I’m doing Slimming World and they’re currently doing a scheme with my local council whereby you can self-refer if your BMI is over a certain weight. 

“You don’t have to go through your doctors as you used to.

“You just call them with your NHS number, height and weight and tell them which group you want to attend (or they’ll tell you your nearest). 

“They then email you and the consultant a code for free joining plus 12 weeks free.

“After this, so long as you have attended a minimum of 10 of those 12 weeks and have lost at least three percent of starting weight you can then get another 12 weeks free.

“Weekly fee is usually £6 I think so you’re saving an initial £72 on the first 12 weeks then another £72 if you do the second 12 weeks so it is a fab saving. 

“I’ve lost 20.5lb since the beginning of January,” she told

Slimming World is not the only weight loss group who run promotional offers. 

WW is currently giving new members nine months for the price of six – that’s a saving of £50. 

You can also self-refer if you meet the eligibility criteria, such as having a Know Your Risk score of 16+ or a HbA1C reading of 42-47.

Many local GP surgeries are also able to provide referrals to Slimming World or WW depending on where you live. 

For those that don’t want to see a doctor, it’s worth having a look on your local council website to see what’s available.

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For example, the Norfolk County Council website indicates they will provide locals with free Slimming World membership on referral. 

A questionnaire needs to be filled out before calling Slimming World and providing the answers.

Following this, you’ll be able to attend a Slimming World Online course or go to a group in person.

Kent County Council, on the other hand, has a program called One You Kent, which provides an online referral form. 

Once filled in, you will then be contacted by an advisor who will discuss the option available to you in your area.

This can include free one to one or group support to assist with weight loss.

Similarly, Hampshire County Council has a service called ShapeUp4Life which gives members of the community access to a free 12-week programme that includes face-to-face classes, online classes and a mobile app for additional motivation.

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