Slimmer lost whopping 5st 3lb in 7 months & overcame gym fears – beginner friendly workout

Expert explains why enjoying exercise is important

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Gym anxiety is common and can affect anyone; it leaves people feeling self-conscious for a fear of being judged based on their fitness level and uncertainty involving equipment or classes. But not only did one man overcome it all, he also improved his mental well-being, too.

Google has seen a 50 percent increase in searches for “how to get over gym anxiety” over the past year.

And research commissioned by Samsung found that 83 percent of people felt the gym to be an “intimidating environment”.

International student Fadi was one of those people until he found a new way to approach it.

He said: “I had really bad gym anxiety.

“It feels like everyone’s looking and you don’t know what to do. For beginners, it’s really tough.”

But that all changed when he went to see Orangetheory.

Orangetheory was founded in 2010 and is a science-backed, technology-tracked, coach-inspired group workout designed to produce results from the inside out.

It consists of a one-hour, full body workout using heart rate based interval training, which burns more calories post workout than a traditional exercise.

The Orangetheory workout is centred around five different heart rate zones – resting, easy, challenging, uncomfortable and all out.

To prevent clients from “under training”, their expert fitness coaches lead the workouts to ensure everyone knows what they’re doing and giving it their all.

The goal is to spend just 12 to 20 minutes with the heart rate elevated in “the orange zone” to help boost metabolism.

Fadi continued: “I really liked that it doesn’t operate like the typical gym; it’s very guided and beginner friendly.

“Orangetheory is different because I feel like everyone’s doing everything together, so you don’t have that typical anxiety that you do in other gyms where you just don’t know what to do.

“I started my weight loss journey at Orangetheory in January, I’ve lost around 75 pounds and my anxiety has definitely improved.

“They’ve really helped me with dealing with my mental wellbeing overall.”

Numerous studies have shown that the human body releases endorphins that can support a reduction in stress and depression.

Before a workout, cortisol levels rise to prepare the body and can often be mistaken for anxiety and nerves.

To help people begin to come to terms with their gym anxiety, Nottingham Orangetheory Coach, Paul, shared five pieces of advice for tackling it:

Have a set routine

“Days, times and what to do – programmes and classes are great for this,” Paul explained.

Tell someone

“Talk to a coach or member of staff and make them aware of how you feel,” he said.

“They will be more than willing to help, and have probably been there themselves too.”

Go to the gym with a friend

Paul sympathised: “Gyms can be overwhelming, so it helps to have a friendly face with you.”

Go to the gym at off peak times

“Early in the morning or mid afternoon are good times to go to avoid crowds,” he suggested.

Avoid lunch time and after 5pm if possible

Paul concluded: “Take genuine pleasure in the fact that you made it.”

Orangetheory has UK based workout centres in Derby, Bromley, Nottingham, Middlesex, Winchester, Altrincham and four locations across London.

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