Strictly Come Dancing’s Shirley Ballas weight loss diet trick keeps 58-year-old slim

Shirley Ballas is a dancer who is well known for appearing on Strictly Come Dancing.

She is known as the Queen of Latin after winning so many competitions in the discipline.

For her age Shirley is incredibly trim and in great shape. Of course, a life long career in dancing helps with this.

But how else does the judge keep the pounds off?

Strictly Come Dancing 2019: Shirley Ballas weight loss diet trick keeps 58-year-old slim

Shirley Ballas spoke about her diet habits on Loose Women last year.

She told the ITV panel she likes to keep slim and to feel comfortable “in her own skin”.

The former dancer revealed she now weighs herself everyday to keep on top of her health.

However, she was not always so vigilant about her health, despite her mother encouraging her to weigh herself daily.

When she thought she might have put on weight, Shirley got on the scales.

She said: “For 50 years of my life I never weighed myself at all, I would go by how my clothes fit, but I was back in England to take care of my mother while she was getting better.

“The pounds crept on and I got a little bit nervous about it.”

Shirley had put weight on, 10lbs. Now, she relies on intermittent fasting to keep her weight down.

She said: “(Telly ready) is to be the best you feel when you walk out on camera so you feel good in the clothes you’ve got on.

“It’s not about what somebody else thinks about you, it’s about what I feel like in my own clothes in my own skin.”

What is intermittent fasting? Intermittent fasting is when you limit the times at which you can eat.

Science behind the plan posits the theory that fasting for long periods of time changes the metabolic state of the body.

This helps to put the body into a fat burning state, so it is claimed.

Fellow TV star Jimmy Carr’s weight loss was also down to intermittent fasting. 

The Big Fat Quiz of the Year host revealed the simple trick to lose weight on Loose Women.

Appearing just before Christmas in 2010, Jimmy filled the ITV panellists in.

“I stopped eating after six in the evening,” he explained.

Nutritionist Hebe Mills explained all about intermittent fasting to 

Hebe said: “Intermittent fasting is a concept where participants alternate between eating and fasting and eating in specific time periods.

“It doesn’t restrict what you’re eating, it just dictates a time period when you are able to eat.

“There aren’t any rules as such regarding the type of food you’re eating when intermittent fasting however I would recommend seeing a registered nutritionist before starting to ensure you’re fasting safely and effectively and getting the most out of your diet whilst doing it.

“I would recommend eating whole foods and still adhering to a healthy, balanced diet to ensure you are nourishing your body with a range of nutrients during the ‘eat’ period.”

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