The ‘key’ method Gregg Wallace used to drop 4.5st – what he did

MasterChef: John Torode and Gregg Wallace preview new series

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Being surrounded by food, it’s a wonder how Gregg Wallace has managed to shed any weight after debuting his incredible new look on social media. He has left fans in awe of his transformation, dropping a whopping 4.5st over the course of a couple of years.

A huge achievement, the Celebrity Masterchef presenter revealed he did it by sticking to one very simple “key” method that helped him to cut out snacking and change his life.

The 57-year-old explained he now sticks to “three large, filling, healthy, balanced meals” a day to lose weight.

This helped curb his appetite and the need to grab a naughty treat, admitting “the weight came off” soon after he stopped his bad habits.

By eating three meals, people can spread their calories throughout the day, stopping them from getting hungry after each meal.

Health experts recommend snacking on healthy foods such as certain fruits and vegetables, which keeps cravings under control until the next meal.

It is essential for people looking to lose weight that they eat proper meals that are high in protein and fibre.

Eating high-protein foods such as lean meats, eggs and nuts will promote satiety.

Foods high in fibre like beans and spinach, slow down digestion and keep people feeling full, preventing spikes and dips in blood sugar.

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At his heaviest, Gregg weighed in at 16st 7lb, and admitted he “wasn’t happy” being overweight.

He had tried a whole host of restrictive diets in the past, from fad diets to fasting, no-carb methods and low-fat techniques.

But nothing had worked for him long-term and instead left him feeling “really uncomfortable” and “horribly hungry and miserable all the time”.

Now, he’s reaping the rewards of his hard work and new understanding of nutrition.

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“I learnt that it’s far better to wean yourself off [a bad] diet slowly and cook proper, healthy meals,” he said.

“You are far more likely to succeed and enjoy the change!”

Gregg also eats a big breakfast to ensure he stays full throughout the morning.

With this new mindset, he ditched fast food, started cooking at home more often, put a limit on the days he drank alcohol and began to exercise regularly.

Alongside his healthy diet, Gregg has sessions with a personal trainer which keeps him fighting fit.

His workout routine involves bench presses, chin-ups, kettlebells and press-ups.

He often showcases his six-pack on his Instagram page,  impressing fans with his committment to his new healthy lifestyle.

And his transformation has inspired others to make necessary changes to their own lives, too.

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