The ‘secret’ to burning menopause belly fat and keeping it off

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Struggling to shift the menopausal weight even while dieting and working out? A health expert has revealed why women aren’t losing the stubborn pounds and it could be down to what exercises they’re doing.

When getting older, the body changes significantly and can start to fight back against all that people knew when they were younger.

Fitness expert Emma Goodman-Horne from Goodnick, explained that it’s no use doing the same sort of workout people did when they were in their 20s and 30s.

Why? Because what worked for women then, won’t work now they’re over the age of 40.

She said: “You’ve been doing the same workout for a long time, right? Our bodies change as we get older, so our exercise routines should change too.

“You need to include other exercises into your regular workout program so that you can continue to be healthy and fit as you get older.

“If you don’t know where to start, consider a fitness challenge to keep you fit and strong, offset the effects of ageing and help you maintain functional independence for life.”

So how women exercise could be behind their stubborn belly fat and why they can’t shift it.

Emma continued: “Exercise will be intimidating if your only concept of a workout is heart-pounding, high-intensity HIIT training.

“Activities such as dancing, yoga, gardening, and cycling all count as an exercise that’s great for building flexibility and strength.”

She suggested considering how long people are exercising for in order to ensure their exercise routine is “not overwhelming”.

“Workout for 30 minutes daily with a mix of low-intensity cardio, strength training and stretching exercises,” she advised.

“If you have a busy schedule, try home workouts so the idea of travelling to and from the gym does not overwhelm you.”

But as people age the risk of injury increases too, so Emma recommended focusing on form as well as the kind of activities a person does to get the most out of it.

She said: “Instead of pushing yourself too hard and risking injury, focus on exercising with proper form for the muscles you want to target.

“Proper form will help you strengthen the areas of your body that you want to, instead of those areas you might not have intended to strengthen.”

She suggested trying home-based workouts with a step-by-step guide to help with progression each week to ensure great form and technique.

But Emma’s go-to activity is walking, something she claimed is the “secret” to losing weight.

“Walking every day is the secret to losing weight and keeping it off,” she said.

“It is a great low-impact exercise that can be done for long periods of time, so it’s easier on your joints and muscles.”

Benefits of walking include:

Improved flexibility



Cardiovascular fitness.

Emma added: “Integrate a 30-minute walk outside into your morning routine and you will find that your mental and physical health improves.

“You may also take inspiration from nature to foster creativity in your work. Instead of meeting up with friends for a coffee, suggest going for a walk together and instead of public transport, walk when you can.”

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