Tom Kerridge: Chef shares tip to avoid weight gain during Christmas – ‘really good one’

Tom Kerridge recalls ‘five-day bender’ on 40th birthday

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In recent years, Tom Kerridge lost 12 stone with a simple change to his diet.

Fearing he was going to die young, he decided to make a life-changing decision that completely transformed him.

The chef cut down on the amount of carbs and started following a specific diet.

As he didn’t want to stop eating what he likes the most, he chose to make healthier alternatives to his favourite meals following the popular “dopamine diet”.

The dopamine diet is also known as the “happy” weight loss plan.

It consists of eating food that boosts your levels of the “happy hormone” so the diet is much easier to follow.

“It’s impossible to lose weight and keep the weight off for good if you don’t enjoy what you’re eating,” the chef said.

Tom admitted to drinking 15 pints every night, which contributed to his weight gain.

The chef realised that could severely affect his life and possibly increase the risk of early death so he decided to quit drinking and add exercise to his daily routine.

In terms of healthy eating during the festivities, Tom shared his best tip to avoid gaining weight.

“Finding that balance. If you have a couple of days of eating excessively and having some naughty chocolates, it just means you’ve got to work harder in the gym for the next couple of days!” he told

The chef has created a range of Christmas canapés matched with the different personality types for Carr’s.

Tom revealed what would be his own canapé based on his personality.

“I love both of those flavours.

“Strong, quite powerful flavours and I’m not scared of trying anything new. So I’m probably the Adventurous one.”

The chef also recommended his favourite healthy canapé option for Christmas.

“The Achiever canape sits here quite nicely, that’s the citrus cured mackerel with beetroot slaw, on a Carr’s Melts Biscuit.

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